Neymar tipped to stay at PSG despite transfer interest from both Barcelona and Real Madrid

namor tip to stay at PSG despite
transfer interest from both parcel name er has been back to stay at Paris
saint-germain despite heavy interest from Barcelona and Real Madrid the
Brazilian superstar is desperate to leave PSG this summer and is pining for
a return to Barcelona just two years after he left the Catalan Giants for
Paris in a pounds 198 million deal Neymar is apparently unhappy with the
quality of football in lead one he told PSG earlier in the transfer
window that he wanted to leave and since then the parishioners have been
attempting to convince him to stay whilst listening to offers from the host
of European clubs Barca and Real Madrid are leading the way so far though it has
been reported that he is far more interested in a return to Barcelona than
he is a move to their rivals PSG have already rejected multiple bids from
Barca and officials from the two clubs met last week to try and iron out the
details for they can however pay a smaller fee as well as offer a player’s
to exchange but Philippe Coutinho Sloane to Bayern Munich suggests that this is
no longer an option instead Barca apparently made their final offer on
Monday a loan to you with a purchase option next summer when they have a
larger transfer budget but ESPN pundit Gabrielle Marco T believes it is likely
that namer will stay in Paris that their season at least I think what everyone
understands is that he wants to leave he told the ESPN FC however I think people
are getting ahead of themselves I think this is going to rumble on it seems that
Namor is really educating for this Tomas Tuttle has said either namer becomes
available and he plays for us or we get someone else in

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