“NFL 2020” — A Bad Lip Reading

***You can turn captions off and on using the CC button below Good job Hey, don’t This is not embarrassing My blood is clotting Clotting Never ever evict your parents, okay? So I run through the maze, And then I find there’s some guy named Queece? No They got boulders up in here? Cuz look I don’t have time for no boulders Ain’t no boulders here Could be You’re loco You know what? That’s rubbish Yeah that’s bad Marionettes? Say, you ought to buy my electric guitar You could buy the thing that has made me famous The guitar The helmet won’t go on I need your knife I hate cats Why they got a pee in a little tub? So do you want to go out later? Psychic dough, baby! I could murph on that dough, baby Put some clothes on that merk Gotta put some clothes on that merkytaw And generate your own light Get in the stance? Which stance? This one here? Is this right? You should be nice to me, you hear? Yeah, I hear. I should be nice to him, Jim Up your hole Hey I meant to tell you I saw you sniff your shoe Your face is a face I’ve been avoiding for seven years If I have to look back at it, I’ll break down for sure I’m on my horse, guys A stallion! Hey, what’s up? What am I looking at? Hand Ice Lightning Repel! Return! FRIGHT MODE Wait, no! Oh dear Thanks for never trying to catch a ball Guess you think that scoring just sort of happens? Y’all are disgusting Everyone of y’all can not talk to me anymore Hey, do you have bat sense? No because I mean nobody has bat sense No, no, I’m sure somebody Somebody does! I look like I’m five now Puppies are so good! Why don’t you give me those nachos? Y’all shouldn’t be like picking up a snail The music of Rockin’ Donnie! You know, I’ve got over 41 traffic cones It’s like heaven in a pickle, heaven in a pickle Heaven in a pickle, heaven in a pickle I don’t want to talk about y’alls new baby Look, a third nail Hey, you ever hear of the Kraken? I heard you’re dating the Hawkwoman? UH OH That jockey is the horse’s size! I don’t have my book, and this is boring Do you ever hear of Worldwide Watermelon? Or the Worldwide Watermelon plot? Look, a porcupine! A porkypong in the middle of this big crowd? Quit showing off, Loud Bertha Stalking is included Don’t ever dare shake a baby I swear I went to doctor school Granny? Ha ha, he fell because my foot was out Oh, woah, now you can see his neck bone I should sketch that neck bone You can’t take it all out on the universe Bless you, bless you You guys, they’re laughing Didn’t you ever hear of cardio? You suck so much! Woooo! Robot cars! They’re so technical Hey! Your dogs a kid! It’s a kid Hey, where’s the kite? Right there What? I four years old There’s seven corpses in the den I like chunks in my coffee Y’all, my temperature is six Fahrenheit I get the gopher tomorrow, and they’re like really smart Hey! You ain’t gonna find your gopher! Yeah, I took it back to the garden My sandwich ability is not something that you would ever want Yeah, mmm mmm It’s lit Check it out Here’s my new saying “Ball shank!” Like that? Yeah it’s special We made a bad plan Xxx Hey Braden! Braden! Go kiss your stepmother Hey, my bike is gone, man Has anybody seen it? Because my bike is gone It’s spoken name is Michael, it’s my friend and my ride Has any one of y’all seen Michael? Rosw, son, emotion is a boat My fingers are filthy! I’m feeling pretty thirsty Guess that’s America Hey let me check if I love you Uh ohhh Stop the rhino attacks Number one in female situations I collect pictures of horses Yeah I hate acting, but I gotta when they make a bowl like “wow that’s cool!” Really? You let in the Bagel King? They let in the Bagel King? How is he even here? Is there a problem with your filthy pole, Pamela? On the sideline You all right? Yeah, excuse me Hey one minute Steve I bless your fingers Stephen, stop doing that, fool! Ok, I bless your fingers And obviously you must now leave Divine When I got shoved in my locker, it hurt, yeah the whole seven days No, Devlin’s a bad guy yeah always know that a Devlin is a bad guy they’re always just sort of sketchy Tonight, I am alone, That dog is enormous Hey broskis, you’re like our houseguests I would like a doodle of your aunt It’s important to ju– Satin boy? He’s really here? Hey stick weeds, y’all want to club? Huzzah mother soda I saw a stump at the Franklin mall I’m hot Hey wait a sec, where’s Tanya? Honestly, I don’t trust my heart We shouldn’t fund world robotics! Hey get in my car, we’re taking you hostage I don’t think so Yes we are Wait, hey the car is this way Time for a lesson, boys The sweet scent of almost dying All night, I thought I heard the chick from Frozen It just so happens that I don’t like you I feel feelings so deep Oh dear, there’s roaches at my party Do you have any life? This is such a random video Clown Who do I love? You do I love Polly’s prancing puzzled her father Hey, you want to go back to pickin’ bananas? Waterfall hear my prayer May the waterfall hear my prayer They ever tell you how I collect brains? Gorgeous triplets with a good face Triplets, triplets You know, I’ll have the 43 The turkey fritter You want a Mexico flavor wand? Or a regular, regular ol’ grape flavor wand? Stephanie said that her friends are going to find you a girlfriend No freaking way, dude, a girlfriend? I’m just sad No resting! Look at this speck of dust come here Ok, I’m going to touch your back No need to panic Can I get a smile? No I’m not gonna talk about your stepdaughter’s cold eyes! Next to my biplane, this ball is my favorite Oh small tragedy, now it’s basically in the lava I’m afraid So, need to catch a plane Candy! Still just sitting here with not candy I don’t know what to tell you The quiet desperation of the macaw Falls to us as the mountains suffer Honor the days [music] Waterfall hear my prayer May the waterfall hear my prayer Fires burn still Will I learn that you’re no longer there? I remember you looking 22 A smile that made me think I might be okay But then our leaves fell down on colder ground And the golden time drifted gray

100 thoughts on ““NFL 2020” — A Bad Lip Reading

  1. Got the video up a little later this year, but glad you guys are enjoying. Definitely want to give a nod to Key & Peele's classic "East/West College Bowl" videos; they were the undisputed trailblazers in the niche field of ridiculous player names, and if you haven't seen those videos, seek them out. I've got tons more player intros and outtakes which I'll be posting on Instagram, so if you're not following me on there, pop on over

  2. 7:06 should’ve been “Honestly, I don’t trust a fart.” It would’ve gone better with the facial expression afterward. 😂

  3. Everyone who goes to football games, please start shouting “heaven in a pickle” at matches Edit: British guy here, put matches instead of games

  4. NobodyYouTube: Eminems music video Darkness got 10 million views in 1 day but doesn't go on trending. Bad lip reading got 3 million they need to be on trending :,)

  5. Why do I feel like Tom Brady is actually like this during the huddles? “Didn’t you ever hear of cardio? YOU SUCK SO MUCH” 😂

  6. "Hey im gonna kidnap you in my car"

    ahh:No your not

    "where you going? The cars over here"😂😂😂😂

  7. These just keep getting better!! This is the best one yet!! I look forward to these more than the Super Bowl every year. Thank you and keep up the great work!!!

  8. Friend watching my basketball game: Hey great shot you were killing it out there
    Me: that wasn’t me…
    Friend: where were you?
    Me: …5:53

    Teacher calls on me to answer a question:
    Me talking in gibberish to my friends and didn’t hear what my teacher said: 6:09

  9. Ice!
    Lightning! Ger Gerr Ger Gerr
    Fright Mode!
    Wait No!!
    Ugh Sizzz yahhhh!
    Oh Dear!


  10. dang not one clip of the Bucs 🙁

    (if i missed it sorry… i didn’t see any, and btw i know they’re not good but i wish there would’ve been at least one clip of them lol)

  11. For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son Jesus Christ so that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

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