Nick Jonas Dreamed of Playing Baseball at Northwestern University

-You’ve been here before,
and then, about a month ago, we went out and we did
“Day Drinking” together. -That was something else.
[ Cheers and applause ] -You and your brothers,
me and my brother, our friend in common,
Jack McBrayer. -Yep. -Was it what you expected,
as far as how much we drank? -No. We have a bone to pick.
-Yeah, okay. -And that bone to pick is that
that [bleep] is real. -Yeah.
-That is no joke. Oh, we’re on TV.
I can’t say that. -Yeah.
-Well, it was something else. -Yeah, we drank a lot
in two hours. -And we drank a lot. And I had a meeting
directly following this. -Oh, you can’t do a meeting. -Because I assumed that this
would be, like, fake, fake TV drinking. But, you know, I will say,
I think you and I held our own. -We drank the most, yeah.
-Well, yeah. -Yeah. We did drink the most.
-We did. We drank a lot. -I felt the worst —
And your brother Kevin received the most shaming. -He did. -Because he has two children
and he drinks the least. -He drinks the least. -I have two children
and I did fine. -You did fine.
-Yeah. Kevin tried really hard.
-He did. -Jack tried.
-Yeah, Jack tried really hard. -Sweet, sweet Jack.
-Yeah, sweet, sweet Jack. He did his best. -But, all in all,
it was a really great memory, what can I remember of it. -Well, that’s why it’s nice that
it’s committed to film. Although, I always dread when
I see the first cut of it, ’cause I don’t have
any memory of it either. One thing that I was very
impressed with is — we drew song titles that
we did not see in advance and then were told to give
five minutes to write a song. You guys wrote a very good song
in five minutes. It was disheartening. -It was a really
scandalous song. -It was a scandalous song. -It was, “Hey, Mom, Dad, yeah,
we did this day-drinking thing. Maybe don’t
watch the song portion.” -Yeah.
-No, it was cool. -It was a beautiful song. I will say it’s
the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard that has
a line about 69ing. -Yeah.
-Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] -Leave it to the Jonas brothers
to write a song about 69. -Yeah, I feel like
it doesn’t get enough shout-outs in romance songs. -We should add it to the set.
-Add it to the set, for sure. -Right net to all the
“Camp Rock” songs. -Yeah, exactly.
[ Cheers and applause ] Now, I knew that you —
You had not gone to college. Obviously, it made sense.
You had a lot going on. -Thank you for reminding me.
-Yeah. But I didn’t realize that you
went and looked at one, which was my alma mater. You went to Northwestern. -You went to Northwestern?
-I did, yeah. -Amazing. -Yeah, and you went on
the campus tour. -I did.
I went back in 2008 or ’09. We were on tour.
-Yeah. -We stopped in Chicago. And I had a dream of going to
college to study being a writer, a journalist, something. And I went with my dad
to visit the campus, and it turned into kind of like
a scene from “Hard Days Night.” -Because you were
very well-known at that point. -At that point,
yeah, it was very difficult. -Maybe a little too late
to be normal at college. Yeah.
-Perhaps. -Yeah. -But the real dream was try
to try to walk on to the baseball team and play. -Wow! -Which I know we share sports
in common. -Yes. But you actually had —
Do you actually have skills, do you think,
to have played college baseball? No, I’m impressed.
-That was the most polite way — -Yeah. And, now,
why did you think that? -“Are you talented?” I, at that point,
played a lot of baseball. I probably didn’t have
the size then to play and be competitive. But I always loved it,
and then, because I loved it, I kept it up and we got really
into slow-pitch softball. -Okay, gotcha. -It’s like baseball,
but it’s slow. -Yeah. -And for, you know,
untalented people. -You have been on
“The Voice” before, but this is your first year
in the chair. -Yeah.
-And this is a bigger deal. When you first got this offer to
do a full season in the chair, your wife — very excited. -Oh, she’s a big fan
of the show and has been for a long time. And, so, she was there with me
when I got the call. And, you know,
it was kind of a conversation that had started with NBC
after “Songland,” which was such a great
experience for us, working with Ryan Tedder. And for those
that haven’t seen the show, it’s one of my
favorite shows on TV. And after we did that show,
they then called and said, “We’d like to talk to you
about ‘The Voice.'” And she flipped out. And she came to set
and she saw the chair. I’ll say that when I saw
the chair, too, there’s something that happened. I got a little, you know,
sort of goose-bump moment as I looked at it. It’s really cool. I mean, you look to your
left and your right, it’s John Legend,
Kelly Clarkson, and Blake. And kind of a dream
to be in that spot, and I feel very honored. I mean, I have a heart full
of gratitude, especially since it’s now aired. And my team is awesome. -Now, I know I you can’t —
[ Cheers and applause ] Now, you’ve shot some.
-Yeah. -So, even you now don’t know
how it’s going to end, ’cause, obviously, we have live
shows to find that out. But do you feel —
How is your confidence? -I feel very, very good.
And I’m not just saying that. -Gotcha. -The way that things have shaken
out — And it is pretty cool. I feel like the cast of
“Game of Thrones,” perhaps, but with way less blood and — -Yeah, lower stakes. Yeah.
-Yeah, lower stakes. -You just finished up
a tour, yes? -Yes.
[ Cheers and applause ] -Very exciting. April, you are going to be —
You start a residency, a month-long residency
in Las Vegas. -Yes.
-Are you excited? -We are so excited. We kind of — You know, we’re
viewing this in a way — Because this last year
has been one of the most remarkable years
of all of our lives. Just to be able to reconnect
as family. We talked about it a bit
day-drinking, but it was sort of
a drunken conversation. -Yeah, I don’t remember
any of that. Yeah. -To reconnect this family
and then to have the music connect in the way it
has with our amazing fans, who stuck by us through
the time we needed apart, is really special. And then, you know,
to do this 90-something-stop tour across the world
was really special. But to then kind of view this
as a bit of a final hoorah for this era, the
“Happiness Begins” era, is really special. So if you’re going to be
in Vegas, we could day-drink again
or whatever. -Day-gamble?
-Day-gamble. But we’re real excited
to put on an amazing show for our fans out there in Vegas. -It’s been a really cool thing
that’s happened, I feel like, in the last
decade-plus of, you know, sort of younger musicians
in the, like, sort of peak of their career,
going out to Vegas and making it possible for
people from all over to see them,
which I think is really cool. -Exactly.
Yeah, we’re very excited. It should be fun.
-That’s great. Good luck on “The Voice.”
I’m rooting for you. -Thank you. -And it’s always great
to see you. Thanks so much for being here.
-Good to see you. -That’s Nick Jonas, everybody.

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  1. I don't see him being very good at baseball to be honest. I think it's because he's so talented in music, it'd be unfair if he could be a D1 athelete also

  2. What does nick Jonas have on? Is he tryin to be high fashion. Nick looks like he tries too hard. It doesn’t look authentic. So, it comes off as funny. Take the red jacket off. OMG..😂

  3. Methinks he's telling fibs. NOBODY does a Vegas residency for fun, they do it for the money or because it's close to their rehab…

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