Nicolle Anderson – Hockey Fights Cancer Ambassador

I’m Nicole Anderson wife of Ottawa
Senators goaltender Craig Anderson and it’s my honor to be an ambassador for
Hockey Fights Cancer this year as a hockey wife and cancer survivor
it meant so much to me to have my NHL hockey family supporting me during
nasopharyngeal carcinoma the money raised by Hockey Fights Cancer will help
the American Cancer Society and Canadian Cancer Society provide opportunities for
the cancer patients at lodges where the patients and caregivers can feel at home
with a little bit of help and hope having the Hope Lodge that just takes so
much stress off your plate that you can really focus on what you need to focus
on which is Susie and getting her back in on her game and moving forward this
is exactly what I needed it is like a survivorship center Hope Lodge is just
one of those wonderful programs that the American Cancer Society has we offer
free lodging to cancer patients that come from everywhere in the world and
the U.S. to be treated in the city visiting these lodges it relieves the
stress of having to find a place to go and worrying about how much you’re gonna
pay for lodging and where you’re gonna eat what does the Hockey Fights Cancer
Program mean to you the NHL family we’ve seen a number of people fight this dread
disease and we’ve lost the number of people
Harley Hotchkiss, Bryan Murray, Dave Strader, Ed Snider, Pat Burns for me
personally I lost both my parents at a relatively early age to cancer and so
this fight is kind of personal for me as well we as a family have committed
ourselves to doing everything possible to raise awareness to raise funds and to
give support this year we’re going to take funds that we raise through the
sale of Hockey Fights Cancer merchandise and other fundraisers to help fund Hope
Lodges this place has everything it has the community it has the place to stay
has the comfort we do have several Hope Lodges we have more than 31 here in New
York City we have 60 rooms regardless if they have insurance or not regardless how
much money they have in the bank we are here for them being able to stay here
when I have to be in the hospital three times a week has been extremely
beneficial it would be very expensive to stay in hotels
what was your impression on the Hope Lodge they’re trying to create the
family environment the community environment because they’re all going
through similar situations this is very impressive
everybody’s just in the same boat you have that camaraderie what’s not to love
about this place it’s fantastic it’s really amazing place do yoga go to the
computer room talk to other patients Hope Lodge for me means a new
opportunity I just want to heal and get back on the
road and give back it’s so important that everybody helps support these
lodges from our NHL family to your family let’s make a difference together

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