100 thoughts on “Nike Elastico II and Adidas Special Indoor review

  1. all the argentinian people dominate the indoor football because we play it anywhere, in the streets, in a club, in a public space or… anywhere

  2. play in the streets, with friends, or in a plaza, public space, anywhere,.
    I like elastico in grass fields because you can drible better

  3. can u guys on unisport maybe fix a indoor tournament so young kids like me and the others to show our grat technic? my speciallity is that i love make people angry with my game.. maybe sounds little weird but i love it.. cause when im driblling around and makes some panna here and there they will get angry.. but think about the touenament pls! it would be a very nice thing to do:)

  4. Hi Joltter.

    I have a question: What shoes are best for indoor soccer?

    Adidas Spezial or Nike Elastico Finale II?

  5. Just bought Nike Elastico finale ii today, they're amazing, fits perfect and doesn't weight anyting, TO ALL FUTSAL PLAYERS, BUY THEM! ;D

  6. Ooh, I'm the best of the best at indoor football. What does it mean if your Adidas specials are spelt like spezial

  7. thanks joltter, 

    I took your advice and bought the nike elastic II and I'm happy I took your advice, its a great shoe 

    thank you joltier

  8. Brilliant review Joltter,
    Well presented,
    Great and simple words used
    And gave reasonable answers
    Other than that, I have tried Nike Elasticos II and would highly reccomend them to anyone who is willing to play great Futsal (Personal Opinion)
    [I haven't tried Adidas Special and I believe Joltter and my eyes that Nike's are better in this particular case)

  9. Is anyone aware of what the song is at 0:42? Help me out Joltter! Oh, and he's right. The Elastico Finale IIs are awesome. Serious control!

  10. Here in brazil all the cleats that are made for outdoor are also made for indoor, you can buy for example a mercurial for indoor playing.

  11. What do you preffer Elastico Finale II or  Lunargato II I can´t between them so I want your opinion 😀 NIKE Skin or K Leather 😀

  12. I've seen people use indoor football shoes for daily use to play football all the time I was thinking of getting some elastic ops do u think it is smart

  13. Yes I do
    And I just bought the elastico of worldsoccershop because unisport don't cover australia which is not good

  14. Would the Adidas Spezial be good for Freestyle as well? I found that the Adidas gazelle OG (which was made for freestyle) was a little too expensive so I need a more affordable shoe

  15. Im getting Hypervenom Phantoms in FG and I'm not sure if I should get the Elastico Finale 2's (the ones in the video) or the take down model of the shoes (Nike Elastico Pro 2) which cost 80 but I can get them for 55$, which should I get?

  16. Everynight me and my friend are playing are playing football on concrete and you need to use that kind of shoes . I ll try them but im mostly like shoes fersion of famouse boots like Predators,Mercurials,Hypervonom and lots more….

  17. Good video but I really don't understand why he's playing on a synthetic playground while he's presenting shoes made for futsal… It's like promoting high heels for a walk in the countryside… WTF??

  18. Finale II is shit absolute worst indoor shoe would rather have the phatal indoor or anything else really. The nikeskin is so stiff, it's nothing like the hypervenoms and it rips in a month. The also have no cushioning which is bad for your legs and can lead to injury.

  19. Why are they spelled special on ur model? On all other models, including the blue/white colorway I have it is spelled "spezial"

  20. Is Nike Elastico Final II good for wide foot??…i foot is not quick wide…sorry for bad english and wrong spelling..😁😁😁

  21. mate i dont just dominate, i own it! im talking around the world volleys to nutmegging a half a dosen players before scoring 😉

  22. http://www.adidas.co.uk/spezial-shoes/033620.html

    Where could I find the Spezials if I am ordering from the United States? I looked at this link above but it seems like you can only get them from england. I can't get them shipped here for some reason. Anyone have a link? it would be much appreciated. thx

  23. I had a pair of elastico finale 2 and that's the best shoes i ever had.. I miss them so much, if anyone knows if i can still find them somewhere please let me know

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