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This is a special message about something that just changed my life. A game called Ninja Baseball Batman! That is the best title ever conceived by a human being, or an alien, or whoever or whatever came up with this. Ninja Baseball Batman! Just say it out loud! Feels amazing, doesn’t it? Ninja Baseball Batman. Just when you hear those three words, all these images rush into your mind of ninjas and baseball and Batman. It hits your brain so hard. It’s like whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! All right. Slow down. I’m okay. Let’s see the game. Does it live up to the title? It surpasses the title! Even though it doesn’t have much to do with ninjas and definitely has nothing to do with Batman, I’m not disappointed. The word Batman simply means a man with a bat. Well, there’s more than one so they could have called it Batmen, or they could have just called it Ninja Baseball Players. But no. They knew what they were doing. Calling it Batman was an ingenious marketing ploy. It got me to play and then it hit me in the face with a grand slam atomic bomb blast of video game goodness! It’s a beat ’em up game. You just beat the crap out of everything in sight. Evil baseballs, evil baseball gloves, evil baseball bats holding baseball bats, balls that come together and… What the hell? Is that a flying baseball field?! It’s a flying baseball field! So yes, this game is definitely baseball related. And if you can call it a baseball game, it’s the best baseball game ever. Oh my God, I’m getting run over by an airplane. Now I’m inside the plane and guess who the boss is. An airplane. I’m fighting an airplane inside of an airplane! There’s also a truck with blue lips, a slot machine going berserk. Furniture flying all over the place and spiky wheels being pushed by cats on skateboards being pushed by little green things. I’m getting attacked by refrigerators, a magic electric vulture Jack-o’-Lantern Grim Reaper. And this thing, I can’t describe it. I just can’t. And the final boss is like some kind of cyborg version of Babe Ruth. There’s a lot of good beat ’em up games like the Simpsons and Turtles in Time, but this one is totally underrated. Why wasn’t this a huge success? Well, it only existed in the arcade and it never came out on a home console. Wow, they really dropped the ball on that one. Supposedly, only 43 arcade units were shipped to North America. That is sad. The world needs to know about Ninja Baseball Batman. But right now, the only way to play it is on an emulator. Or if you happen to have access to one of the arcade units. No, this needs to come out again on a home console or better yet, Xbox Live! Ninja Baseball Batman! Ninja Baseball Batman!

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  1. I totally agree avgn & I know this video was uploaded on september 15 2011, but the world still needs games like NINJA BASEBALL BATMAN on xbox live & ps4 & I'm still hoping for that game & many others. If they could put Castle Crashers, Ultimate Chicken Horse & other 4 player games (can't think of any rn) then why not NINJA BASEBALL BATMAN?! Also there's certain games like Duck Game that wasn't released on xbox live, not the greatest frustration, but it could be released on other platforms. If Destiny, Gta V, Monster Hunter World & other games can cross platform, then why not all of them, cause I'd buy more games & they'd get more money, idk I'm just ranting but your point james is very solid & well thought through.

  2. I say a kickstarter to put Ninja Baseball Batman on PlayStation and Xbox should be a thing. This game is too awesome, too bizarre, too amazing, and too unique to be left in the dark.

  3. When i was kid i really love to play Ninja baseball batman
    I used all of my money to play that
    Surrounded by kids
    until I've spent all my allowance
    but it was not a waste

  4. I here that Irem had an SNES CD version planed but their plan failed partly madly do to the SNES CD war and was lost after Irem colrsed their door's.

  5. Fuck Metacritic and other review, if the angriest video game nerd likes your game, that's the best award you can ever get.

  6. They through everything but the kitchen sink in that bad boy. Although I'm pretty sure if you look hard you'll find the sink.

  7. Actually one korean person rebuilding this game! he told 2018 Q2
    release, but… you know, now is 2019 Q1 …
    It will be released someday. Someday~

  8. I seen this at an older arcade that has couple hundred or more machines I thought it actually had the Batman playing baseball against ninjas .pretty good beat em up

  9. Imagine them making an actual movie on ninja baseball batman so james Rolfe what are your thoughts about my idea and what do you think about what the plot should be

  10. It's popular in Korea!!
    어릴적에 굉장히 재미있게 했어요~
    아직도 한국게이머 들이 많이 기억하고 있는 게임 입니다^^

  11. Wait a minute… you're reviewing a GOOD GAME? Don't venture too far from shitty, ass sucking games. You'll get lost and not want to go back.

  12. I think this is the only video where the Nerd (the character, not including James or his other characters) doesn’t swear… that badly.

  13. Even James praises a game completely for once. Played this twice after struggling months to find it.


    Also: Samurai handball Joker.

  14. I heard i was going to be one of the many planed SNES CD games that never happened. It's fair to wonder how many lost games are out there because of the SNES CD not happening.

  15. This is what happens when a company has a bunch of leftover graphics and sprites, so they just take them all and put them into a fighting game and just say "screw it"

  16. With the magic that is Parsec you can play this with your friends online.


  17. Because of how many Data East arcade games have been ported to the Nintendo Switch recently, I have a feeling that it won't be long until "Ninja Baseball Bat Man" finally gets ported to the console as well…

  18. Wow…This was the best AVGN "review" I've ever seen. Maybe it wasn't a review. Either way, this looks like an awesome game.

  19. YO I never even heard of this until I played it at a local arcade/bar last night, it's awesome. I'm also surprised I've never seen this AVGN episode..

  20. In South Korea, this game was very popular as an arcade game. Even young children had a one-coin clear when they used glitching.

  21. This should’ve had a Super NES/Super Famicom port. Wow to what I just saw. The Simpsons arcade could’ve been on Saturn and PS1 which would be an AP port and somewhat enhanced with colors being corrected on some characters. Also, let’s have Ninja Baseball Bat Man on Arcade Archives!!! Hamster, make it happen!! Let us play it on our PC, PS4, Xbox One or Switch!!!

  22. The game has a great title and it looks like it could be a lot of fun, but honestly there's so much frenetic action going on, that I can hardly tell what's what.

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