Nintendo Switch Review (2018 Update)

(fun, upbeat music) – [Tom] A year and
a half after its launch, the Nintendo Switch has
almost entirely lived up to the promise it made. While I may not been
to any rooftop parties, I’ve played console quality games like The Legend of
Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on
the train, and then sat down on my couch to see them on the big screen. Daily use has forced a few
design flaws into the light, but the Switch has
easily solidified itself as one of my favorite consoles. (fun, upbeat music) I don’t feel like I’ve paid
for the Switch’s mobility with the quality of the games it plays. It’s undeniably an
underpowered system compared to the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, and that sacrifice of graphics power is noticeable in ports like Doom. But the fact that I can play Doom on the go at all is impressive. The image and color quality of the Switch’s 720p
LCD display looks great. That’s good because I play my Switch in handheld mode 80% of the
time, and my pre-launch concerns about the three to four hour battery life proved not to be a problem,
even on a long daily commute. The 6.2 inch screen is an excellent size for single player games, but does get too small in split-screen. Docking the Switch will
give a nice resolution bump to most games for your
TV, though that can vary. The base dock is fine enough, but it is needlessly big compared to some third party options
and can even scratch the edges of your screen if you aren’t careful. It’s frustrating that no
official alternatives exist, and that Nintendo warrants
third party options could break your Switch entirely. (funky upbeat music) Docked or handheld, I’ve fallen in love with the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers. They’re available in a
variety of cool colors and satisfyingly snap on and
off of the sides of the system. The Switch empowers you to make
the decision of how to play with different Joy-Con
combinations, the Pro Controller, or even a GameCube adapter available. Using a single sideways
Joy-Con is still too cramped for adult hands, but
the buttons themselves are responsive and satisfying to press. I do miss a proper D-pad
and analog triggers though. General wear and tear have
revealed a couple of design flaws since release, like a
common cosmetic issue with the Switch’s battery expanding and cracking the plastic. This isn’t something I’ve experienced, but my left Joy-Con has loosened, letting me attach it
without pressing the button. Thankfully that hasn’t
happened while playing, but deterioration like
this make me nervous about the Switch’s long-term durability. (fun, upbeat music) “Is it coming to Switch,”
has become the battle cry of this console
generation, and thankfully, third-party developers are flocking to Nintendo’s newest system
with a deluge of cool games. Ports like Rocket League,
Stardew Valley, Hollow Knight, and Dragonball FighterZ are all excellent, with more like Civilization
6 and Warframe on the way. Bethesda has also shown
impressive support with ports of Wolfenstein II, Doom, and Skyrim, though at a noticeably
reduced graphical quality. The catch is that the Switch’s
comparably weak hardware has made this year’s biggest games like Monster Hunter: World,
Red Dead Redemption 2, or Call of Duty unsurprisingly absent. That’s disappointing,
but Nintendo’s own lineup of first party games has been stunning. Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey were undoubtedly two of the
best games released in 2017, and both gorgeous, despite
the weaker machine. With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the horizon for later this year, and Metroid Prime, Luigi’s
Mansion, Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, and
Pokemon all slated for 2019, the Switch’s amazing first party support shows no sign of slowing down. There’s an impressive multi-player
lineup with Splatoon 2, Mario Tennis Aces, and
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe too, but the Switch basically
has no built-in voice chat. In first party games, you’re forced to use the incredibly
inconvenient Nintendo app on your phone, but then Fortnite allows you plug in any third
party headset and chat away, which makes Nintendo decision even more baffling and frustrating. (fun, upbeat music) Despite the fantastic and
still growing library of games, it’s impossible to ignore that the Switch is missing many basic console features. Things like an internet
browser, achievements, home menu customization, or any video streaming apps beyond Hulu. Their absence doesn’t make
me enjoy playing Zelda on the train any less, but it is notable when compared to its competitors. The new online service
is similarly pared down, but costs a third of
Xbox Live Gold and PS+, as it simply isn’t trying to
offer what those services do. For $20 a year, you get
cloud saves and the ability to play multiplayer games online, both of which thankfully work great. You don’t get extras
like free modern games, but you do get a
selection of old NES games alongside some other goodies
like in-game cosmetics and the promise of future discounts. (chill rock music) A year and a half after
release, the Nintendo Switch has delivered on its initial promise of playing high-quality games
both at home and on the go. It just hasn’t gone
much further than that. But Switch doesn’t have all
the bells and whistles people have come to expect from a home console, but that doesn’t stop it from being a disruptively good gaming machine with one of the best
game libraries around. For more on some of the
Switch’s best games, check out our reviews of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Super Mario Odyssey, or
hear more of our thoughts on Nintendo’s online service. And for everything else,
keep it right here on IGN. (upbeat rock music)

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  1. This is a new review of the Nintendo Switch based on where the console is today, as well as what we've learned about it using it daily for the past year and a half.


  2. I ain't that big on shooters but the Switch's lack of those games keep it from moving way more hardware. Like it or not, there's always a big fps/tps community. I don't know what's wrong with Activision for not bringing a CoD game in yet over the Switch when they've done so on the WiiU, PSP, and DS. A Black Ops 2 or 3 definitive editions would truly sell as they would be the first true full blown multiplayer shooter experience on a handheld. (Without counting Splatoon or Doom's generic online play). There are hundreds and thousands of those craving to stack on kill streaks or plays zombies on the go. While Metroid Prime 4 is in development hell again, bring in other shooters to fill the void. Revive Medal of Honor or Mad World, port Dead Island, Dead Rising, and GTA 5 as definitive editions, heck even fallout 3, New Vegas, Bioshock, or Mass Effect Trilogy would do even if they're more actionRPG-esque. Same goes for fighting games. Smash is phenomenal and MK11 will be a hit, but there's no reason why Tekken, Soul Calibur, Marvel Vs Capcom, Fight Night, a not so broken WWE game, or Injustice aren't on the Switch yet. At least real racing games please, like maybe Need for Speed or Midnight Club? It's becoming saturated with platformers, RPGs, and indie games. I'm fine with that actually, but at least try to balance it out and broaden the genres. The system is powerful enough. I don't get how the WiiU which sold horribly has had a wider selection of games its first 2 and half years than the Switch which is more capable and is currently breaking console sales records. Step it up Nintendo..

  3. I think that it’d be a selling point if Nintendo started porting multiplayer N64 games like Goldeneye. That’d make the detachable controllers a lot more useful.

  4. BOTW was fantastic but wasn’t a 10 in my book. Biggest issues were it’s boss battle and postgame. Also the absence of temples I do think slightly hurt it. The shrines/beasts got repetitive.

  5. Is this worth it just for playing third party AAA titles on the go. I don't really enjoy the mundane looking Nintendo stuff except for maybe Zelda and Metroid.

  6. Just brought mine today, got zelda smash bros and Mario party, I will b getting Mario kart Betonneta and Mario odyssey that should keep me busy until new titles comes out

  7. Nice video! I would appreciate if anyone could check me out I do product reviews plus time lapses of LEGO builds, and maybe subscribe if you like 🙂

  8. Hey guys, I have a switch. If you want to friend me, my friend code is SW-1426-2025-7526 People of all ages are welcome except the creepers, get away NOW.

  9. I’m in college and my roommate has this but I’m moving into my own apartment for junior year with another friend who is also my roommate and we fell in love with our other roommates Nintendo switch that we already split the cost of one for our apartment. The only thing is that games are so expensive.

  10. Just got my Switch for Xmas and it’s my favorite console I own. I’ve bought tons of games and have played it for hours everyday. Just picked up Odyssey and am having a blast.

  11. I want The Orange Box/TF2 and Skate 3 ported! So many games from last gen that I would buy again! Rainbow 6 Vegas would be awesome.

  12. It's amazing how underwhelming Nintendo's online support still is. 2019 and still no voice chat? Jesus Christ Lord.

  13. Are the third party docks better? Or is the original dock the best way to go, I recently got a switch but no dock

  14. The snes classic got a higher verdict lol but seriously I have one and for only $80 is soooooo worth it. And thankfully I got mine like a month after it was released which was before they sold out

  15. I'm gonna sell my x box because I like Nintendo games better. I have a lot of x box games and accessories too so hopefully I can get enough to buy a pre owned one!🙏🙏🙏

  16. I just bought Switch few days ago and I was wondering is it better for me to turn off the console or just left it sleep mode? I usually turn it off before I go to sleep or before I go to work.


  18. Spent all my money for the console and have been have filled it with f0loads of demos until I get enough for a game,

  19. why on earth would you play doom on a Nintendo product lol. Thats like like playing cod on the Ds, I was gonna buy one for netflix then i found out it only had hulu lol

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  21. I really hate loose Joycons. Whenever i bought a new one and use it for not even close to 1 week, it's loose. I already bought like 6 Joycon sets but it still not durable…..

  22. Only bought a switch for Mario kart and Smash ultimate. Am I the only one?

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