Nintendo Wii : Nintendo Wii Baseball Pitching Tips

“Nice”. Hi, I’m Rokosz, your digital lifestyle
expert and I’m here to give you some pitching tips on how to use the Wii baseball pitching.
Now I’m definitely not your guide to give you pitching tips in the real world, believe
me. But here in the world of gaming, let me show how it’s done. You’re pause is over here,
now this is the heart and soul of it. Because of course, because we are so awesome, most
of the things that you’re doing is just using one of the three buttons here to predetermine
the type of pitch you want to do. So, for instance the button we’re going to use are
going to be the A button, the B button and then the D button up top. The A button is
going to make our screw ball, the B button is going to give us our curve ball and both
of them together, it’s going to give us our splitter. Okay. I highly recommend that you
use the splitter, both of them there, it becomes a lot more tricky for them to hit. As if “woop”,
dips down right at the end. So let’s show a little bit an action over here. You put
it back. We’re going to do it, I’m going to do hitting, holding only the A button here,
holding down and “strike”. Okay. Now also, give a little flick at the end when you’re
done, “let’s try not to set it off”, little flick at the end when you’re done, just to
make it that much more difficult. Okay, here we go with the B and the curve ball. “Ohhh,
common make it a pop up, make it a pop up”. “Yehey”. They all can be strikes, but that’s
an out nonetheless. And now to make it even trickier here, you want to hold both of them
and here we are the pitch. “Ohh, not a good one. Common, common here we go”. “Bata bata
bata swing”. And here we are with another splitter hand. “Ahh, right”. So that’s it
and remember, both of them for the splitter, flick it the rest at the end and just let
it fly. “Common, get out of here”. And that’s the game. What can I say? I’m Rokosz, your
digital lifestyle expert. Wii you later.

55 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii : Nintendo Wii Baseball Pitching Tips

  1. DUDE! can u give some detail on how u get it over 100mph?? i really want to be able to do that. thanks in advance.


  3. surprised you would reply to a comment this old. came on this vid by accident a while ago, just felt that a lesson on how to pitch on the wii is really not needed and i never stated that i didn't like this video.

  4. Alright guys, I have some tips for you that may help you if you did not know them.Please don't try to act cool and say "U r such a nub, i alredy new dat, i won 36-0 and i hav 3000 points" These are for HUMANS NOT CPU"S!!!

    1. These are simple. Aim left/right (inside/outside) with the arrow keys. The pitches were told in this video.
    2.Vary speeds. You can essentially make a fastball 65 MPH and it is a change-up. If you throw 4 fast pitches, than a slow curve, you will make (countinued)

  5. confused.

    3. Strike-outs…Many people should realize this but the splitter is insane when you need to strike out. Throw some Fastballs and then a splitter and Strikeout!

    4.Another splitter tip is never throw them to often. Not only will the player catch on, but you have a chance of failure, leading to a perfect speed fastball right down the middle.

    5.When pitching, I recommend underhand/sidearm. The splitter is a nasty pitch. looks like a fastball Then drops all of a sudden.(cont)

  6. Hope I helped a little. The main point I am trying to get across is that the splitter should not be spammed or even used somewhat often. They are almost always a ball unless they swing. But it is unexpected and very hard to hit. SEE YOU LATER.

  7. I have had this game for 3 years and this is the first time I have ever heard there are different kind of piches. I always thought the fastball was the only kind of pich you could do… FOR 3 YEARS!

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