”Nio crotch wicket” new year Japan 万満寺の股くぐり

Matsudo, Chiba Prefecture JR Mabashi Station east exit, Manman-ji is located along the old Mito highway. Erected in the Kamakura period (1256), even now it has been popular with local people. Wooden Deva King (Nio) statue, it is said to work of Unkei,
It has been designated as a national important cultural property. The New Year,JAN 1 THRU 3, spring and autumn of regular festival, Nio is unveiled. And everyone can try “Nio no matakuguri” ceremony or ”Nio crotch wicket”. Between the legs of the “Ah” statue, there is a 50 centimeter square gap, It is crowded with people who wish good health. It is said people can avoid disease, misfortune as passing through. It is a very valuable place where it is possible to touch the national important cultural property directly.

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