Nissan Kicks ‘Official Car Of The ICC World Cup 2019’ Wish Car Tour #BengaluruChapter

[Music] Hi I’m Rahul Jaswal, welcome to Bengaluru city. We’re here to drive the Nissan kicks on its car wish tour. The Nissan Kicks is the official car of the 2019 Cricket World Cup. Join us as we meet fans, check the city out and check the car. Let’s go! Our Nissan Kicks wish car tour took us first to Chinnaswamy Stadium that’s located in Bengaluru, Karnataka. We drove the car around for a while and reached ‘Fetch’ which is Bangalore’s best K9 training school and boarding facility. We have CV Franklin from Fetch which is India’s best K9 training facility and boarding. Would you like to say something please? So I’m CV Franklin and I’m a dog trainer I also train canine units and SWAT teams. Are you into any sports or sorts? I’m into motorsports, but I watch a lot of cricket though. Alright, very cool. Would you like to wish the boys in blue something? I wish them all the very best and I hope they bring the trophy home. That’s nice! This is the Nasaan Kicks which is the official car for the 2019 Cricket World Cup. What are your thoughts about the Nissan Kicks? The Nissan Kicks is a phenomenal car spacious and yeah its value for money too. Fantastic, well CV Franklin thank you so much for being with us from everyone at Fetch and Nissan ‘Boys in Blue’ bring the trophy home. [Music] Wandering around on other days we met Kamal, who happens to be the most avid cricket fan we’ve ever met. We’re outside Wanderers cheering for team India and bumped into Kamal. Kamal please tell us something about yourself please? Hi I’m Kamal I’m a Bangalorean and as you know Bangaloreans are known for several things, you know rock music, sports enthusiasts and when I say sports cricket tops my list. Do you enjoy driving cars? Absolutely. What do you think of Nissan as a brand? Nissan as a brand is definitely amazing because it’s a Japanese brand and as you know you’ve always produced great cars. What do you think of the Nissan Kicks? You know my first impression about this car was brilliant because you know the styling really appeals and of course the space and the comfort. We also know that you are cheering for team India, is there anything you’d like to say to the Indian team? Absolutely, I mean guys I think we’ve waited long enough, go for it guys we need the cup back home. Well that’s Kamal and us signing off from Wanderers, team India bring the cup back home. Let’s just take you for a little drive through Bengaluru City and see how the Nissan performs. We scouted around looking for more places to show and we happen to meet some lads training for selections for the under-19 cricket team. [Music] A very young talented bunch enthusiastic about the sport and they had a lot of things to say for the Indian cricket team. Here we are with the boys wishing the Indian cricket team. All the best boys! Cricket is considered a norm in India, in the middle of Indiranagar which is another beautiful location full of nightlife, bustling with activity and here we met Gavin Dias. I am from Bangalore, born bred in Bangalore some things that I like movies, sports and of course cars. Especially the one standing next to me, the Nissan Kicks. What do you think of the Nissan Kicks? To be honest the design is simply amazing it’s very muscular, smooth drives and very spacious, something all guys should look forward to having. Are you a cricket fan? Of course, being an Indian following
cricket is is the norm and yeah looking forward to see India lift the World Cup this time again. Do you have anything to say to the Indian cricket team? Yeah, I wish Kohli and the boys all the very best. So that’s been our Nissan Kicks wish car tour of Bangalore City. We’ve caught our Kicks out of the Nissan. We’ve enjoyed the sights and sounds of the city, from all of us at Nissan, DriveSpark and Bengaluru – all the best lads! fetch the cup.

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