No one knows I was in a bad adition, only my brother noticed it .|ep41-1

jinling is more suitable for my brother Who? suit me? Yes indeed Brother, if you’re not good with Wei Yang, Just associate with Jinling I think you two are better matched Who am i What happened to you You are my brother Am I just your brother? how is this possible You’re the equivalent of an elder brother to me So how could you just be brother jiangsheng Do you remember you boiled noodles Boiled noodles I certainly remember Do you remember when you were a kid You cook the noodles yourself Hurt my head Do you remember these I don’t remember well Sew like this such Please come with me Go Then i passed by jiangsheng I dare not think From small to large How much pain you have endured Since I came to Wei Jiaping, I have been burdened by you to accept the criticism of the villagers with me After my parents left We depend on each other I was in an accident again Dying To save me University suspension, nothing Now it’s hard for me to appear I can’t recognize you Depression in your worries I suspect that leukemia will give you a heavy blow And finally miscarried because of Weiyang. In Sanya When I thought I could die and come back to life tianyou hardly forced you to drink the preserved tea jiangsheng Everyone makes a stab at you I wish I could share it for you No longer hurt you You hope you wake up tomorrow You’re still the carefree little jiangsheng I hope all the pain will be written off in the near future Last medical record showed she had a slight concussion Plus more than ten days of high fever In short, this series of blows will affect her mental condition. Try not to irritate her And remember to take her to see a psychologist jiangsheng how about it never mind We go home Brother, I want to move back to my home Are you okay, sir? All right You go back Wait Wait for you to tell grandpa escape from death Everything is bad now I really don’t worry about her I want to take care of her Until she recovers I can’t let jiangsheng leave here It’s even impossible for her to be separated from me I know how to do it what did the doctor say Didn’t say anything Let’s go to another hospital later Otherwise it’s fine now Let’s go eat Brother, we have run so many hospitals these days I’m not sick and found out otherwise I think that we should give up

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