North Goa Beaches | Paragliding in Goa| Sweet water lake

It’s day 2 in goa We stayed near candolim Beach and we are heading to Beach now to spend some time It’s super exciting to do water sports activities in north Goa It will cost around 2000 INR for five activities We reserved our money for new adventure activity After spending some time in Candolim Beach, we will go to Arambol Beach It is nearly 23 KMS from Candolim Beach Feeling tired, heading towards sweet water lake for Paragliding We have to walk toward north of Arambol Beach to reach Sweet Water Lake Paragiliging activities are done here, We are getting ready for our Paragliding activity We have to trek to hill top to reach the starting point It will take 10 minutes to reach hill top and we are super excited for this adventure activity We can record our paragliding with Go Pro and we have to pay extra 500 rs for that We started our trekking We are waiting for instructor View of Sweet Water Lake from the hill We reached top of the hill and gonna reach paragliding point It was sunny and lost energy while climbing and it took 15 minutes to reach the hill top It was difficult trek because of sun I feel happy and literally speaking from sky They follow a defined pattern during paragliding Gonna land in sometime Paragliding was amazing We have to walk towards north of Arambol beach to reach Paragliding point This beach is really compact and not crowded like other beaches My friend gonna talk now and it’s time for sunset Paragliding was thrilling experience We are enjoying the sunset We are going to Candolim Beach for dinner Yesterday we had dinner in Baga beach and let’s see how the beach environment Candolim Beach is silent and not lively not Baga Beach Candolim Beach is not crowded and eating dinner along the seashore feels good First spot was chapora fort It’s very hot and better to carry some umberalla We save money instead of buying hat We reached Chapora fort, nothing to see here much We can enjoy Arabian sea view and water sports activities from here Apart from that nothing to see here This is the view of Vagator Beach from Chapora Beach and we heading to colva beach to give back bike we returned our bikes in south goa near colva beach We have less number of shops with candle light dinner set-up in colva beach We can do water sports activities in colva beach if we miss to do it north goa and board our train from south goa But I believe water sports activities in north goa would be really enjoyable We Should have arrived bit early in colva beach and the view is super awesome There is a river joining the sea shore and sand over the half of the coast is smooth and white I really feel bad for missing this view in the day time Our goa trip was fun and adventures Give a thumbs up if you like this video Share with your friends Check my Train journery and Night life video of Goa We are going board train in 5 minutes If we like our travel videos and travel vlogs subscribe to our channel

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