Northern Territory Institute of Sport Hockey player Candice Liddy on Athlete Career and Education

My name is Candice Liddy. I was a hockey player
training with the Northern Territory Institute of Sport and I’ve moved down to Melbourne
to study physiotherapy at the University of Melbourne. I first started playing hockey
when I was really young – I was about six years old – but I first became involved with
the ACE Program when I was about 14 years old; that was when I was inducted into the
Northern Territory Institute of Sport. ACE helped a lot in helping me balance my
life and school and hockey, and even social life as well. I was lucky enough to have a
great sports psychologist that helped me, not only you know go through exams and help
me prepare for exams, but also helped me train through getting over my nerves for things
like fitness tests and training sessions for national teams and things like that. I was able to focus on things like getting
into university and finishing my education and getting a good tertiary entrance rank
so I could go to university in another state and study physiotherapy, which is what I’ve
always wanted to do. ACE has supported me the whole time through my sporting and my
move to Melbourne and they still continue to support me now, until about a year after
I’m finished with the NTIS, they will continue to support me. I saw a lot of benefits in things such as
my time management skills, my goal-setting skills. I know what I want to do and I definitely
am going to be able to get there with the things that I’ve learnt through the ACE
Program. They really did help us develop ourselves as a person, not just a sports person either,
as a person as a whole, and ACE helps you develop so many different skills other than
your sporting skills. I’m definitely excited about my future and I can’t wait to keep

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