100 thoughts on “nostraightanswer – Hard-Disk Hide and Seek (feat. AVANNA) [VOCALOID Original Song]

  1. This is beautiful ; A ;
    Avanna sounds so good here! I'm not normally a huge fan of how people use her but she sounds so good here!!!!
    The video is awesome btw xD your neighbourhood looks so pretty! 😀

  2. what is this song about? I'm not so sure I understand it, either way, though, the music is amazing.
    You did an amazing job as always.

  3. Fantastic work as usual, Kenji! This song and pv are both gorgeous! Avanna's annunciation is quite clear in this song, I really love how you use her. 

  4. Is this just me or does this song remind anyone of sad machine? I thinks it just the way the song sounds. Lol ldk XD. Its a nice song aways

  5. Well that got creepy at the middle, such a solemn song though. And I thought that nice music with creepy was exclusively for the Japanese Vocaloids. Guess I was wrong….

  6. This is probably the best english vocaloid I have ever heard. He is so easy to understand. And the song is awesome. This is going on my top 5 favorite list.

  7. This song is amazing, it really speaks to the audience and even though the words seem simple they carry such a great meaning. I really love everything about this song thank you for making it come into existence and please continue to make music you have a real talent <3

  8. Aww, this is really nice! I'm unfortunately sorry to say I didn't… get the lyrics that much? But it's not fault of yours, it was still very beautiful. The photography was very nice and the character looks interesting 🙂 Also, the tuning of Avanna is greatly amazing. I will buy this, I think, when I can 😀 Subscribed, love the work!
    If you don't mind, may I use this in a Favourite Vocaloid song video? I would like to use it as my favourite usage of Avanna 🙂

  9. This song has seriously touched me…on so many levels. This is my favorite song… It's a masterpiece… Would I be able to use this song for my first amv? But seriously this song is perfect….(^.^)

  10. idk why but this pv scared me the whole imagery of it in its rather surreal way and the charicters image slowly getting closer along with avvanas cold raspy voice it REALLY creeped me out……>_<

    i loved it

  11. S-so touching… Slightly creepy at some points, but it's so… *wow*… Anyways, nice job. Time to find this on iTunes~

  12. its okay that you took pictures of your home town, it fits well with the tone and meaning of this song. I think you did a good job. I really love this song… I feel like a child again. one that is looking up at the adults, who look done. just as I look up to the blue sky, that holds a kinder smile too.

    thank you for making this song.

  13. I developed my character by listening to this song. Aaaaaaa I love him so much. He was super simple before, thank you for helping me develop him!

  14. "Simple PV"
    Me: staring at the screen in awe for 6 minutes because it's so awesome this is everything but simple
    It's like deep as the ocean man!
    Kenji, you've done amazing things before, but this may be one of your greatest works so far!

  15. This song is so wistful and melancholic. So beautiful <3 I wish this had more views; Avanna needs more exposure 🙂

  16. Hey Kenji I wanted to ask if this song was made you or who ever made it, has a beautiful creative mind that is dark yet full of light. I want to know who made the whole song so I can give my full gratitude of making a beautiful song

  17. The PV has a nice vibe to it… Awesome job in my opinion. As well as tuning her! You shall forever be one of my favorite vocaloid producers.

  18. I'm glad I stumbled upon this. I love it man. I've listened to it so many times and it just blows me away how perfect it is.


  20. Knowing that so many good songs use Avanna has been warming me up to her voice. She's like the perfect voice for the "sentient program" sound.

  21. I made a cover of this song in SoundCloud, you can listen in here: https://soundcloud.com/hikaruzencovers/kanochi-nekohard-disk-hide-and-seekutau-cover so, if you could pay it a listen that'd make me happy since the track just has like 4 plays. Thanks for reading

  22. Personally whenever someone implements the “metronome” sounds or a ticking clock into their songs, I instantly love it and I don’t know why

  23. Away from his talent in music making and song writing and all, but those are fine pictures and hold so much emotion in them as well going with the song
    The longer I'm in his Chanel the more I'm surprised by what he can do

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