Not Just a Game, A Way of Life – Dennis Gilbert – Baseball Sport

I grew up in South Central LA where the motor transportation at that time was a stretcher. My sport of choice was baseball, it still is but a little pro ball with the Red Sox metal organizations I always thought I’d be a major league player and just fell a little short. When I was an agent, I worked with some of the most interesting personalities in baseball. Bobby Bonilla when I did the contract was the highest-paid player in the game, they set up deferred compensation. I learned all that from Being in the insurance business. We had Jose Canseco the year he did his 40/40, and Barry Bonds When he went from the Pirates to the Giants, I mean those were historical. I had a very very good run of it a lot of fun and there was a time it ended, and it was the right time. Baseball just can’t be a sport or a game, it’s got to be a way of life We grew up on a baseball field that didn’t have grass. That in right-center field they had a water fountain if there’s a flyball out there you had to play the water fountain. So I built a stadium for RBI which stands for Reviving Baseball in the Inner city And they have different leads, they have tournament there, it’s really the only nice field in the whole vicinity. And this was a way to give back I think you learn a lot growing up in the game. Every player’s different, and I think that’s one of the most important things about any business you do is you treat everybody as an individual. They all came from different backgrounds, different education, different parents and you have to be sensitive to everybody’s needs.

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