NOVA MENTOR 5 – NOVA Paragliders – Tech Video

Why is the new MENTOR 5 such a feel-good wing with better performance? Because after decades of cross-country flying experience NOVA knows how to build a proper EN-B glider. Let me tell you all about the new MENTOR 5. The wing itself is intuitive, this gives the pilot more confidence in flight. The handling of the MENTOR 5 has been optimized to give the pilot even better feeling. Using a more rigid design the wing tips are stable and feedback is improved. Trim speed is slower, which improves climbing performance and agility. It has the same high top speed as the MENTOR 4, which makes it exceptional against headwinds. With new coated super strong, super thin lines, it’s easier to sort the lines of the MENTOR 5. The wing is semi-light, so you can also use it for hike & fly. The improved airscoop increases performance during accelerated flight. In the MENTOR 5, NOVA combined high-performance with a low aspect ratio. This leads to more passive safety for the pilot. To find out more about the all new MENTOR 5, visit

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