Number Zoo Hide and Seek Part 1 | Animals For Kids | Toddler Fun Learning

We’re playing a game here at Number Zoo,
The animals are hiding, it’s up to me and you,
To spot a nose, a tail, some ears, a beak, In this happy game of animal hide and seek! Now what are these lying here strewn all around?
And who threw that now…? Could you please turn around?
It’s a monkey! You are a cheeky monkey…that is a cheeky
thing to do – throwing litter all over the place! oh look.. what’s that now…another banana!
but with green scaly spikes ha ha – of course – it’s an IGUana! Who’s hiding now…
and what are those…stripes? And what was that growling?
Mouse get out of here…. YIKES! Of course…a tiger! Did you get that too?
You did? Wasn’t he scary? ..I do hope we don’t meet any more scary creatures now…Come
on…let’s go somewhere less jungly! Oh look – we can cross on this log by this
stream But wait… are they claws?
Surely log’s aren’t this green? Unless…yes it is…it’s an A A A Alligator
– run! Alligator snaps smiling at the same time
Phew that was close…no more ‘scares’ please…just hiding – ok? Let’s sit for a while…have a snack…then
we’ll go Hey – that’s not a hook it’s a horn….
– it’s a rhino! – what a good hiding place Mr Rhino!
What a good place to hang a hat…funny clever rhino! What now…who could be hiding now? What’s by that big rock…look …there
are some feet! And poo! What’s that smell? …it’s raw
rotten meat! eugh what animal would eat that?!
a vulture – of course! Who will we find next I wonder….This sofa
looks comfy…love the warm fluffy back! Wait a second…it moved!
ha ha…That’s because…it’s YAK! Who else can we find here I wonder – who else
might be hiding do you think? How strange…how absurd…
One leg….and …no head?! Hang on…it’s a (rather sleepy) flamingo
bird! ha ha…that’s a funny way to sleep
now who’ll be next…who’s hiding d’you think? Oh look – a party – with lots and lots
of delicious looking food – yum! (Mmm) …cake on a plate…
jelly on a dish (mmm) But wobbling that much?(Hey wait – that’s
not food) – it’s awibbly wobbling jelly fish! ha ha…cheeky jelly fish…were you pretending
to be party food? That could have been nasty – you crazy wobbling jelly fish! ) I wonder who’s hiding now? A penguin!…But you’re not hiding are you
Mrs Penguin?Hey wait…what are those underneath by your tummy?
Four feet? Ha ha…no – that’s a baby and you are it’s mummy! What a cute baby penguin that was…I wonder
who else might be hiding in the zoo camera scans scenery- goes past some trees.
Hey stop (to camera) what was that (to audience) moving there in the leaves? ha ha…(oh look)
It’s a munching giraffe that’s as tall as the trees! Time to go home now…let’s finish our game… what’s there by the tree ?
A claw…now a mane ? Of course – It’s a lion!
Well done Mr Lion… I must say…you’ve all hidden really well.
I’ve had a lot of fun…have you? So See you next time for more Number Zoo!

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