Number Zoo Hide and Seek Part 2 | Learn Animals For Kids

There’s more animals hiding down at Number
Zoo today. Shall we see who wants to come out and play? Now, where did that pond go?
And who used that hose? Ah ha, now I’ve guessed it
An elephant’s nose! Hey, another splash – who made that? And
a ball? Now why did that ball roll away from that
wall? AH! I know, that’s a dolphin’s nose! Good
hiding place Mr Dolphin, but the ball gave you away! I’m sure that small island just moved about.
And there, did you see all that water shoot out? You did too? It’s you! Well done Mr Whale!
You’re so big you nearly got away with that! Oh look – some zebras, a dad, and a mum.
But twelve legs between them? Well that MUST be wrong.
Unless, ah ha – there is – I thought so – hello little zebra – what a fantastic
way to use your stripes! Hey what’s that in there?
Inside that bamboo One eye…now another…Hey Pando, it’s
you! Now what hit my head then?
A twig from a tree? And that black shape there
Is it a…knee? It is – it’s a gorilla’s knee! Of course
you LOVE hiding in trees don’t you! Now what ELSE would hide up so high in the
sky? Someone who climbs?
Or somone who flies? An owl! You DO look tired Mrs Owl – have
you been up all night chasing mice? Well no wonder you’re tired! Are you having fun there kangaroo mummy?
Hey what’s that in THERE? In that pounch on your tummy?
Ahh, Hello little Joey – were you hiding in there all along? What a warm safe place
to hide – great choice! I don’t think I’ve noticed THIS hose before
With patterns all over – curled up on the floor. That’s not a hose – it’s hissing too
much. I knew it! It’s a s s s slithering hisssssing snake. Yikes! What were they then?
Somebody’s toes? Somebody hiding?
Oh look, now a nose! A newt nose! We found you – off you go then
little newt, have a nice swim. Hello Mrs Quail
What’s that by your leg? Half buried in sand?
Is it – an egg? It is, oh look and now it’s hatching. You
did hide your egg so very well Mummy Quail. Now what’s this I see in the water right
here Two funny nostrils
Two eyes And two ears? It’s a HUGE hippopotamus! Wow! Good hiding
Mr Happy Hippo! I’ve had so much fun again, have you?
We’ll see you next time, for more Number Zoo.

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