Number Zoo Hide and Seek Part 3 | Learn Animals For Kids

I see you… you’re hiding
Right under my nose! Ha Ha…there I found you… Now where did he go? Oh you cheeky cheating cheetah!! You are simply too fast to see! What an odd looking shape
In fact what is that? Ah….It’s an upside down
hanging down bat! Wow…those wings make a very good cloak for
hiding in don’t they Mr Bat? Come on let’s sit down
and rest over there Hey – that’s not a rug… It’s a furry bear! Wow…Mrs Bear…you were so still you really
fooled me! What’s hiding there
by that rock in the pool? Don’t tread on it…
no NO…don’t act like a fool! Ouch! it’s an urchin of course – just look
at those spiky spikes – YIKES! Ah ha… I
just saw something out for a feed An X-ray fish… Hiding in the seaweed!… Wow…what a very see through fish you are
Mr X Ray! Why is that moving… That lilly-pad leaf? Ah ha now I’ve guessed it
someone’s underneath! It’s a beaver! Wow you must have held your breath for a very
long time to hide that well! Hey what moved just then… Down there on the road? Is it somebody hiding? Ha HA….it’s a toad! Ha ha… Mrs Toad…what a fantASTIC camouflage! Oh look… An adorable table cloth! That pattern just moved! Or is it…a …moth? No no no…that’s not a moth…why…it’s
a colourful fluttering butterfly! Watch more Number Zoo videos by tapping here
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