Nun Hits John Cena w/ a Baseball & More! 🍎 Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader | Ep. 2 Recap

Hey guys, John Cena here. I thought I was a pretty smart guy,
but I recently learned I may not know everything. Good thing I’m only a host. Put it right here! [screaming] Ah, oh, oh, OK! Come on! You need to pick a classmate. I’m gonna go with Cooper! You have chosen Cooper to help you out
with 4th grade, which means – Nick will help you with the 5th grade.
– Yup. Cooper, you show teachers how to dance? Uh, yes I do. – You wanna show me a move?
– Sure. Alright, what do we got? [cheering] – OK.
– OK. So, in. Out. Across, and then in. [cheering] I can do a lot of dance moves,
but not that. – Nice job.
– Thank you very much, Coop. Alright, let’s win Sister Mary Jo
some more money, shall we? [cheering] 4th grade grammar question is… Which word is the adverb
in the following sentence: On a chilly day,
sometimes the ocean is visible. Coop locked in. [cheering] Sister Mary Jo, these are two
very important questions. The one right in front of you
can turn 500 into 1,000 dollars. I know, man. You know, I taught
grammar in 3rd grade. And I know the people that
are watching are thinking how can you not know this answer? The ocean is a noun. You got one cheat left. I’m gonna lock in chilly. Locking in chilly. I’m gonna lock in chilly. Coop. How do you feel about that? I am so sorry, but I feel
that it is not ‘chilly’. I feel that it is ‘sometimes’. Sister Mary Jo, you locked in ‘chilly’,
the correct answer is… Sometimes. Sometimes. – Thank you, I’m sorry.
– Good try though. – I know.
– Good try, that’s a good try. This is the last chance to make
some more money before the 5th grade. Your next subject is 4th grade chemistry. Your question is… Pick the ingredient that you can add
to vinegar to make a chemical reaction that produces carbon dioxide gas. NaCl, NaHCO3, C12H22O11. And before you answer, I got something extra cool
to show you right over here! Oh my God. Cooper is locked in. [cheering] It’s our beautiful Are You Smarter
Than a 5th Grader volcano! [cheering] Right now, it appears to be
a dormant vegetative covered hill with beautiful puffy clouds,
but if you pick the right solution, it could be an erupting volcano. [cheering] Sister Mary Jo, what do you think? I saved my cheat for this, ’cause I have absolutely no clue. I’m gonna lock in a peek. – Locking in the peek.
– ‘Cause that’s what I have left. Peek. [cheering] So part of the peek is
Cooper can tell you his answer, you guys can discuss and then
you can choose an answer. So Cooper, what did you have
for an answer? Well, I got B. NaHCO3 because… Well, the way I remember it is
basically if you switch the H and the C, t would be ‘nacho’ with a three. And I know that
that is baking soda. And when you put baking soda
into vinegar, it starts fizzing up and it produces carbon dioxide. – OK.
– Yeah. [cheering] Cooper, I wanna tell you
I like your explanation of – your answer, you know why?
– Why? Nachos are my favorite food, brother. And I love that! I’m gonna go with B,
what he said. B. – Nachos, nachos.
– In the words of Cooper. Nacho! Alright Coop, come on over.
Let’s do some science. [cheering] Sister Mary Jo locked in B,
based on a nacho philosophy. Let’s see if it’s ‘nacho’
average volcano. [laughing] – Nice!
– Go for it. We have foamy lava! The answer is correct! And they’re up to 1,000 dollars! Weeknights, it’s 5th grade
like you’ve never seen it before! [screaming] These kids know all the answers
and we feel like ding dongs. What he said. In this classroom, the bigger the fun,
the bigger the jackpot. The biggest prize in Nickelodeon history! 100,000 dollars! But not without these kids! The correct answer is… World War II. You just schooled the teacher. Don’t miss the quiz show where
kids help grown-ups make the grade. The all new
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? Weeknights at 7/6 Central
on Nickelodeon. So, think you can make the grade?

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