Nun throws perfect first pitch at baseball game

a nun has become the darling of the
sporting world after she threw a perfect first pitch ahead of a baseball batch so
good was sister Mary Jo so Beeks pitch that White Sox manager Rick Renteria
asked her can you play for us naturally the nun from Marian Catholic school said
sure she was chosen to carry out the ceremonial first pitch during the game
with Kansas City Royals on Saturday sister Mary seemed pretty confident from
the offset bouncing the ball off her inner elbow as she eyed up her target
she threw a perfect strike to Lucas Jo Leo who described it as awesome he said
she had a whole routine she had it planned out he told I
was just lucky to be back there she threw a perfect pitch it ended up being
great mr. Renteria said she had a mitt and a ball she stepped back at about 45
feet and threw a bullet I’m like wait a minute he threw it back to her and she
fielded it there handed I was like okay she looks like she could play a little
bit dachi may well be their next signing the White Sox lost 3-1

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