NY Yankees’ Didi Gregorius: When Art and Baseball Collide

For me taking pictures, it’s like a
distraction. The job is already hard, you know, so you need something to relax
the mind and enjoy. I don’t want to get stuck just the guy that plays
baseball and that’s the only thing he can do. My name is Didi Gregorious,
shortstop for New York Yankees, photographer on the side. For me I
always liked taking pictures because I want to see a different
perspective of everything and when I travel, I mean just like memories and since
that time I started getting deeper and deeper in and getting spending more
money on cameras, get a better camera and then better lenses and stuff you know, and I’ve stepped my picture game up with that So right now I got a Sony a9 and a Sony
a73 the reason why I pick Sony, I mean they’re good in low light, so I like like
night photography and all that stuff I wasn’t a big fan of it until I got the
Sony so I was like I’m definitely taking pictures at night now and I like doing a
cool long exposure shots so those are the things that really got me into
Sony. So these last couple years it’s actually been funny during spring
training now because we have picture day so like the headshots and all that
stuff and when I get there the guys want to be in my group because they see me
walk around with my camera and they want some behind the scene shot so some of
the players had their pictures that I took as a profile for Instagram and
Twitter and all that stuff so it’s fun stuff so everybody wants to be in my
group and they always see me walk around with my camera and this girl walk up
to me said I got a got a surprise for you that’s like, what surprise for me
I’m not doing anything right now and yeah well I got it I got you a camera
pass so you can be on the field and take pictures now it’s like all right I can
do that and as it’s that day I’ve been like rehabbing, I’ve been on the field,
in the dugouts, just taking pictures, what other photographers can’t get so
that’s like well this is a good behind the scenes so I started
taking pictures you know go to the stadiums and take pictures too now while you’re playing or doing your sport you know of course you need it
100% you just stay focused on your job but there’s also personal life because
for me, the way I took it I don’t want to be stuck 24/7 just on baseball
baseball baseball baseball but I got life on the side that I want to
do like I got personal stuff I want to take care of like all that stuff
so that’s how I take the art and learn something new with digital drawing and
all that stuff this year so that’s something new that I’ve been trying to
learn for a while and with the injury that I had and all that stuff when I was
out so I got time to learn all those things so for me it’s it’s a way to
express myself doing the drawings and something different that people don’t
get to see It was something really cool for me to
get this opportunity to be with B&H, so it’s uh it’s like a dream come
true I mean I spend I spend a lot of money on camera and all that stuff, it’s one of the biggest stores I’ve ever seen so, it’s a really good stuff

47 thoughts on “NY Yankees’ Didi Gregorius: When Art and Baseball Collide

  1. Its cool when you you get a BTS look at someone (like a ballplayer) and make a personal connection on a different level. I'll root for Didi to do well, just not against my team ( GO Cardinals ). Just wondering,… if in the future Didi meets Randy Johnson, and they start talking shop, will it be photography or baseball?

  2. Weird question, so feel free to ignore me…

    Has anyone ever stopped to consider thanking the people who built the structure that the photographer's taken a picture of?

    A round about thought I know, I mean no offense to this person, who has taken photography as a hobby/career beside baseball, but I just got hit with this thought while I was watching "It's a nice picture, i'd like to praise the architect for deciding that shape, or the owner for putting that neon bar light right there, or the city planning for the street lamp being in the perfect spot, etc etc" …. Weird question, as I said, but I don't think the people who actually build things get enough credit.

    Edit: also, of course, am very happy for him, being able to work with b n h and so on, and taking all those great pictures. as I said, this question is not meant offensively. I feel silly needing to clarify that. but, just in case

  3. personally my favorite player on the yanks is LeMahieu but Didi is such a role model and probably the most athletic player on the team

  4. I’m a huge Yankees fan, I I never knew that Didi liked photography,you learn something every day,currently the Yankees are playing against the Astros.
    Edit:I like to write.

  5. I hope the Yankees keep him. He’s an outstanding baseball player. Yankees are my favorite team I’m a diehard Yankees fan. Since 1989.

  6. Baseball is so dead that Game 5 of the world series is on right now and I'm watching YouTube videos ignoring the boring neverending game.

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