NYU Baseball Completes its Inaugural 2015 Varsity Season

Jonathan Iaione: The freshman program, definitely nothing you can complain about, we’re all young, you can’t deny the talent. CJ Picerni: It’s hard to get things going with a younger team. But I’m proud of our guys, you know its only going to imporve from here. CJ: Yeah so I’m really excited to see what happens next year. Doug Kimbler: It was a great learning experience. And we hope that their full year under their belt will increase their appetite for winning and Doug: also doing well off the field. They genuinely really liked each other. Matthew Millus: Everything was new, shoes were new, competition was new. I think we worked hard and got better as the season went on. Played well Matthew: and I think 21 wins is a good mark but we can continue to improve and continue to work hard and I think we’ll be a really good team. Doug: We have a really good recruiting class coming in. The guide that we have here, you know I’ve learnt my philosophy and started implementing it. Doug: We’re excited about where this program is going. Hopefully the sky is the limit, we’re all excited about September.

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