NYU Baseball vs. Haverford 3-24-18

[noise of ball hitting bat] [noise of ball hitting bat] top coming out here in our first loss of
the season but it’s very good for us to respond the
way we did coming out and our bats rolling it’s having Tim I’m out with a
solid defensive out of the forest when you get bumps in the roads we need we
need wanted guy to step up and Tim to up and give us seven strong innings go out
there and just let my stuff work I mean this is the best we’ve seen him that and
he’s still alive he has a lot to tank to go so we’re excited about moving forward
into the UAE playing that a couple eating and moving in the right direction yeah there are me we’re excited about
where coal is just to the fact that you know you’ve seen the ball really well I
mean even more importantly as a far far longer taking what we learned from today
and put it forward and actually just keep going at the games as hard as we
can even 100

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