NYU Men’s Volleyball Tops NJCU at Home (3-31-15)

Jaime Rivera: The set we struggled through was basically just hitting serves out I guess. Not taking balls once we got those adjustments done, we started getting Jaime: those digs, started getting those serves in. Makes it much easier to actually win the game you you don’t give them as many errors so they do with them for you. Chase Corbett: They had some strong kills, they passed well. I think it was really just collectively we weren’t serving our Chase: best and like we weren’t connecting well with the setters but we made the transition to the third and fourth set, I thought we picked it up well. Jose Pina: It’s important to win. I mean at the end of the day you are here to perform and win. What you want to do is play well and Jose: we play well overall today. So it was a good win. It allowed the coaching staff, myself and I coach France, to play almost every guy in the lineup in the roster. Jose: And its good to have these guys who contribute so much in practice be able to play and be part of the public competition on the court in an actual match. Jose: More than anything it was our passing our serve received, the reception of the serves that was able to allow us to send the ball well to the guys. Jose: It allowed them to attack the proper way outside of that I will say it was excellent, we had ten kills in this match. Jose: I think two games played he was very instrumental.

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