NYU Volleyball vs. Elmira 2-9-19

I think at the beginning of the
season, practicing was a little
off but we picked up the heat in
practice and we’re playing together and
picking each other up and I think its all just coming
from the energy that’s within
our side and not worrying about the other
side, so it’s really helped us
turn it around We’ve really stepped it up and
focused on the defense this past
week in practice and I think it’s made a huge
difference I love the service runs, I mean, we haven’t had a match
this season thus far where each and every guy has
just served multiple points down
the line, couple of aces here and there,
and that’s just great to feel when sometimes, if it’s not
going your way from the service
line it can deflate you a little bit, so it really brings up the
energy when people are serving
well. I think we gotta keep playing
hard, keep practicing hard, because if we get complacent or
satisfied with a couple wins then we’re not going to get
better so we have to continue to
push ourselves in practice, try to get better It’s not really about where we
start as a team, it’s where we
finish and we had kind of a rough start but we’ve been able to come back so I think just pushing each
other to be the best team we can
be and hopefully make a run at the
end of the year, to try to make
the tournament. We’ve had a real great run of
practices the last week, and as we’ve gotten better in
practices, more competitive
practices because of having a healthier
team now, we’ve been able to get to the
point where we want to be as a
squad and now it’s just a question of
maintaining the health, both mental and physically, and just continue to play well.

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