O-Pee-chee 1978 and 1979 baseball cards reveal that I found

Hi and welcome to Adams penny auctions today our guest star is Christian he’s hanging out with us for fun I was over Value Village and I stumbled across some opechee cards And we’re gonna unbox them so here we go the first set we’re looking for like Nolan Ryan Reggie Jackson the Rich the really expensive cards Just watch fun So I’m doing this live on camera I haven’t even looked at the cards and here we go the first one Doug rau Bucky Dent Ken clay Dave Lopes Pete Robert Darrell Thomas. Ooh somebody from the Mets. I like the Mets You like the Mets to Christian? Skip Lockwood Tommy John Roy white of Yankees cliff Johnson George Scott from the Red Sox butch hobson, Stan Pappy Do you Gary Thompson Don Sutton me Happy Jim Spencer, Charl. Whoo. Ooh Pete Falcone, that one looks cool. He was traded on the 5th of December 1978 Jerry Remy Reggie Smith Bill Lee These are from all sorts of different sets. They’re not all the same year Chris spera Stan banchon Ed Harriman dual Unzen. Ooh the expose team card. Oh, that’s a checklist one from What’s the date on this one? This one is 1978 nice We got a Becky Bucky Dent Rudy made Dusty Baker Glenn Burke as you can see these cards are all in like excellent condition Ted sees more Ron lefur bill traveler sama jeez Jim Sen Jason Thompson Robin Larry Sorenson Sixto Mike Caldwell cell bill travelers Ron Lafleur John Heller Ted sees more Willie stagger Billy Stein or bill Stein Floyd Bannister Fred Norman and Jerry Moore else. No, no really big names that I recognize there Let’s check the other pack the other ones the one that I was really excited about So as you can see, oh I don’t want to take it off camera. Sorry guys Here we go, let’s see what we get in this stack of cards Finding a nice 40-year old stack of baseball cards is kind of exciting So, let’s see what we got here layer up for Larry parish Christian bull’s ed Kranepool Giulio Cruz Mike Lum Rick Russell Bruce Sutter rusty Staub Eddie Murray Brett Delavan who a giant hockey poster thing. This is some super bazooka card You never know what’s a collectible nowadays this could be something it’s from one of the old packs we’ll set that aside Same with this one here. Oh and look at that. What a fine. There’s some old hockey rookie cards in here Mike Christie from the Colorado And this card is giving me goosebumps 1978 or 79 Mike Christie rookie card, that is cool Rani’s Senate Doug Barr who an all-star Johnny Bench Ray Knight Bilbo Hamm another Mike Christie rookie card, I Hope that’s worth some money Matt Phil Niekro, Dan Mayer ooh Mariners Bruce Bochy Doug dancing’s who a checklist now a lot of people don’t know but these checklists are actually worth money because Everybody marked them and to have like a mint condition one like this They some of them are upwards. I’ve seen them $50 or plus so that’s kind of exciting Larry Buckner another checklist, so that’s two of the checklist for the 1979 baseball set Mike Flanagan Tim Blackwell that looks like a different older card Note that’s in 1978 Dave Rose Emma raveled office Jim Todd, but as you can see, that one’s a little damaged So that one, we’re just gonna set aside mark balland ER Ken singleton Willie Randolph ed Figueroa Steve Yeager. Ooh That’s a good one. I Recognize that name Ray burns. Ooh, Jim Palmer an all-star card. You gotta like that Bruce Shane Rowley Leon Roberts Pepe free as Dave cash Larry Bittner tom hutton Tompa g OCH another checklist from the 1979 opechee in excellent a super bazooka card for NHL puck I Wonder if I could get him to redeem it for me. That’d be kind of cool

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