Oakland Athletics: Funny Baseball Bloopers

(Unofficial subtitles by Adam J Duncan) …in Right Field, as we have been the last couple of days, told you about this group’s love for not only bacon, but Jeff Francoeur. Well what did Frenchy do today? These pizzas right here… He sent twenty personal pizzas out to Right Field, and a signed bat that says: “It says: ‘To Right Field Bleacher Crew, keep making bacon, Jeff Francoeur.'” So there you go, he sends some gifts, and they have been chanting him all game long, This is a little sampling of what Frenchy has been hearing, he’s been pumping his fists to this too, give him a little sampling. “Jeff” …you’re off there… “Jeff Francoeur!” “Jeff Francoeur!!!!” So that is why they love him, and again, they are saying he’s a saint. Saint Francoeur. He just looked up to that one and smiled at them He has been playing along, guys, all series long. There is a reason why they are all calling for Billy Beane to trade Coco Crisp to the Royals for Jeff Francoeur. It’s not going to be happening. Kendrick has it. He’ll take it himself, and then throws to First, and… We’ve got a Safe call, and then we’ve got an Out call by John Hirschbeck. And he turned his back, because he didn’t want any confrontation. Not sure what that meant, but I guess the final call was Out. …some interesting moments from John Hirschbeck this year, and that turns out to be a double play. “Safe!” “Out!” “Strike Two!” And… C. B. Bucknor just punched out Seth Smith, and the count is 2 & 2. Well, that kind of says a lot. I sort of feel bad for CB right now, but… Let’s listen. “Strike Two!” Chris Stewart had to look at the scoreboard to say, “Wait a minute, did I miss something?” Yeah, those are ABOVE the knee. And Strike Three called; Pence could not pull the trigger. So that is four strikeouts now for Jesse Chavez. That’s the highest I’ve ever seen. OVER the knee. This is not just below the knee, but ABOVE the knee. Only Hunter Pence can… sort of pull that off. If Jesse Chavez did that, that would be a great look. He stretches his pants out… he stretches them… and he wants his legs to look bigger. And now Jeff Nelson, the Home Plate umpire, is heading over toward the As dugout. …something white in Centre Field, I don’t know if that’s distracting somebody… Is that a piece of paper? At the base of the Centre Field fence… Oh, white cup, yeah… Michael Saunders could probably help out the situation although I’m not sure he knows what’s going on That’s the only white object that’s out there Yeah and here comes the ballboy from Right Field, he’s going to run all the way out there… Come on Mr Saunders, just… It won’t tire you that much if you just go out and get it. Yeah that’s what they were looking at, Michael. Meanwhile, your pitcher’s got to wait for that cup to be retrieved.

7 thoughts on “Oakland Athletics: Funny Baseball Bloopers

  1. Goofing around is not the same as bloopers.

    EDIT: Just listened to this with the volume up. That song is amazing. Undoing my thumbs down.Β 

  2. Adam: Some of your music choices here aren't appropriate, considering little kids might be watching this.

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