Oatmeal with Dad! Stump Kitchen 13

Don’t look at the camera – I don’t– I can’t
look like this! [laughing] [music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS [Alexis] Welcome to Stump Kitchen. This is my dad. [Dad] Heeeeyyy! [Dad] It’s early! It’s frumpy time! [Alexis] It’s early! [Alexis] Dad’s gonna make us breakfast
[Dad] Yeah! [Alexis] What do you like to make me as a
vegan, gluten-free daughter, what do you like to make me all the time? [Dad] I like to make you oatmeal. [Alexis] Whoo!! [Dad] Yes! [Alexis] Tell me what goes in the oatmeal. [Dad] Well we selectively find the best Quaker
Oats oatmeal we can. Pour the oatmeal in the bowl! And then we selectly go to the Co-op and get
cran-raisins. These are imported cran-raisins from Safeway. [Alexis] That’s such a dad joke! [Dad] And then we have nuts. We’re gonna use… uh… we usually typically
use shaved almonds. There we’ve got sliced almonds. [Alexis] Ooh! Mmhmm. [Dad] And then we just put a little bit of
water just to the- over the top of it. [Alexis] You almost tripped on the carpet
there! [Dad] I know. And then we put it in the microwave! [Alexis] Oh f#%k! [Dad]– for four minutes! Ok – oh! Jesus. Industrial accident! [Alexis] With everything in it? [Dad] Yes everything in it! [Alexis] Wow! [Alexis] Four minutes! [Dad] Well I do it cause then it’s really
cooked. [Alexis] Then it’s really cooked. [Dad] When you take it out and you put it
on the table. See? [Alexis] That’s smoky! You put some blueberries on. [Dad] You use the stump to put the blueberries in. [Alexis] Here let me use my stump to get them out. [Dad] And then there is gluten-free toast. [Alexis] This is how Dad likes to eat toast. Just a little bit burnt. [Dad] There you go! [Alexis singing] Who’s a chef? Who’s a chef? Dad’s a chef! [Dad singing] Hey! [Alexis laughs] [Dad] Ba-doom! Presentation! [Alexis] Ba-doom! [Dad] We’re done! [Alexis] Thanks for doing this breakfast edition. [Dad] Well thanks for the help with the stump. I couldn’t have done it without it. [Alexis] I think Dad likes being on camera. This guy has three daughters. [Dad] I know! [Alexis] That’s why you’re so weird. [Dad] Uh huh! [Alexis] Thanks for being on Stump Kitchen. That was great! [Dad] Hey! [Alexis] Let’s eat it! [Dad] Alright! Good for that! [laughs] [Alexis] This is the best oatmeal. Well it’s not the best oatmeal, my sister
Meghan makes the best oatmeal actually. Mmm… [music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! [Dad singing] Stump Kitchen! [Alexis laughs] [Alexis] Can you show us some of your dance
moves? [Dad] Oh! [from off-camera] Yeah you need to do this
one! Do your – oh my god. [Alexis] This might actually work as an episode. [Dad] What’s that? [Alexis laughs]

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