74 thoughts on “Obama stumps for Clinton in last hours

  1. Obama got them BARS cuh, got em lol… Some of ya'll need to understand that twitter fingers will lead to your account being deactivated… Just ask Trump lol

    Hillary 2016….

  2. Below are three links to the forum hosted by Tavis Smiley between third party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein for his show on PBS. In the forum he took questions asked on Facebook and Twitter to which both Gary and Jill agreed that they would answer each question in 90 seconds.

    Part 1: http://www.pbs.org/wnet/tavissmiley/interviews/presidential-candidates-dr-jill-stein-gary-johnson-pt-1/

    Part 2: http://www.pbs.org/wnet/tavissmiley/interviews/presidential-candidates-dr-jill-stein-gary-johnson-pt-2/

    Part 3: http://www.pbs.org/wnet/tavissmiley/blogs/online-forum-dr-jill-stein-gov-gary-johnson/

  3. I love the donald trupm. I hate Hussegn Bobama, I have to pay 400 a month for my moms medication that used to cost 60 dollars. hey Barry can you explain the failed obamacare which was originally called Hillaricare. Why do we only have one choice? Are we a thrd wurld country?

  4. say what u want about Trump, but it would be funny as hell to have president who thinks like a 13 yo. Im voting for him, cuz the news are going to be a lot more entertaining if hes president. Clinton is boring, we already had a reasonable president, now its time for a little fun.

  5. It's almost over trumptards, after tomorrow you can crawl your racist, bigoted, poorly educated, conspiracy theory believing asses back under the rock you deplorable POS came from under.

  6. progress more like make America Europe again lol, with open borders, socialize health care, bigger government less freedom, and shrinking military.
    TRUMP 2016

  7. in an interview with a Ministry of Defence Guy Donald Trump ask him 3 times if he could use nuclear weapons crazy mother fucker no why should I be near the White House

  8. If and I say IF Hillary wins, it is only because half the population thinks she is the lesser of two evils. I personally would hate to win anything under those conditions. She must be absolutely desperate to win and try to keep herself out of jail.

  9. Hillary Clinton is the only answer she will increase growth and make America stronger and safer something you cannot say about Donald Trump he is a lunatic

  10. Hillary ad campaign commercials are trying to scare you people with the Trump controlling nuclear code non-sense.

    Trumps isn't going to nuke any other country. Example, if Trump nukes Russia and kills a lot of people. Russia is going to nuke America and kill a lot of people. Trump is not a stupid man. Trumps love's his family as much as all you reading my post love's your family. Do you think Trump would risk the life's of his family getting nuke from the retaliation of being nuke from another country? No he would not.

    So don't pay any attention to Obama, Hillary, and the Hillary ad campaign commercials non-sense you see on TV, about Trump making a first nuclear strike against another country. They are trying to insult your intelligence.

  11. Thats false about his Twitter account btw! Trump asked that his advisors change his password and hold him accountable to not tweeting anymore until campaign is over. Sounds humble to me!

  12. CNN – wake up u morons – think about this – do u really think Mr Comey's FBI really read and investigated 650,000 emails in 8 days – after sticking his neck out with his previous letter – come on CNN come on – get real – they didn't – he's been told to wash this over – they have something on him – thus is such bullshit – u guys are journo's – your a fckn joke – u have NO integrity !

  13. progress?. more cop killings than ever,more Race violence since the 60s more people on food stamps than ever before more black on black violence than ever in history more people out of work than ever 93 million that's progress????

  14. Our soldiers are dying in war zones . They were sent by Obama with out a good reason other than saving his failed presidency, Obama should be paying attention to the killings of our armed forces instead he is campaigning for HRC so that Obama' crime and failures can be covered. Shame on Obama and sad to our country.

  15. "were all stronger together" SO wheres the people when you make the decision to ban guns in a state or something OH WAIT ITS ONLY CONGRESS WHO DOES THAT NOT FUCKING US


  16. Something wrong when the majority of the media, the president and vice president and many celebrities endorse a criminal. The people are against her and will wake up and see what these people really are.

  17. It will all go out the window either way. From the perspective of US interests, with Trump, the US will lose it's cheap Wahhabi mercenaries and cheap Mexican slave labour. With Clinton, the US will lose it's Raj armies in Asia and eventually in Europe.

  18. Look at all these dumbass trumptards who are saying stuff like "do your job" "why are you campaigning for evil". Obama's job is to protect us and he's protecting us from Donald the sexist, racist, bigoted, narcissistic trump

  19. Obama should never be doing this he is not running for the presidency all he is doing is being Hillary Clinton's little boy trying to get her a job that he at one point and his wife at one point complained about her the last election think about this do not vote Clinton

  20. Maybe Obama is for Hillary, because if she doesn't die from her illness, she can go to prison and Obama can remain as president.

  21. Is it true as now being reported that this news channel CNN colluded with the DNC to ask which questions Wolf Blitzer should ask Trump to embarass him?

  22. Obama is the longest running war President in history and he increased the national debt to an amount that will take forever to pay back…now he's on vacation yet again. Good riddance and Trump will need to fumigate the white house from the Lord of Flies Obama.

  23. Idiot Obama killed in Iraq by more than 9,000 American soldiers ! But
    You this one ,would never say ! It is a state secret of the USA ! That's
    it !This clever , not educated, big-eared donkey lying all the time
    !Not one word of truth there!!!
    You constantly lie !!! But US citizens believe in this nonsense ! ! !

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