Oberon Zell & The Bat

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Potter and long before Tolkien’s Gandalf made it to the big screen this
particular portion of California in which I now call home has had a native
wizard of its very own that could quite possibly be as renowned as the
aforementioned neophytes more on that in a moment
how ludicrous welcome to Creature Features I am Vincent and tonight I
shall be a diviner of sci-fi films and Magus of horror movies the witching and
lovely enchantress to this side of your television video screen would be my
precocious charge Tangella and the morose skeptic of all things magic would
be my customarily polite valet mister livingston tonight we’ll be joined by
the wizard oz no not the Wizard of Oz but wizard oz better known is Oberon
Zell this well-known practitioner of simply preposterous Oh God by all means please do you know Livingston your blatant disbelief
would be copacetic on most nights but you might prefer to consider the
ramifications of insulting an actual wizard should it turn out that his
magical powers are indeed bonafide he might turn you into a newt or at the very
least you could quite possibly incur the wrath of Tangella
our wizardly guest is a well-known practitioner of magic and is celebrated
by those who partake in the mystical arts you know Tangella he’s even created a
few unicorns the wizard oz will tell us what it takes to become an actual wizard
and regale us with some of the adventures he’s had on expeditions
during his study of cryptozoology and between chin-wagging sessions on those
topics we’ll be viewing the bewitching the captivating film 1959’s the bat
starring Vincent Price and Agnes Moorehead you remember Agnes then she
Livingston she portrayed Endora on the television show bewitched
it would appear Livingston is predisposed at the moment in any case
don’t you dare go away because it’s going to be an enchanting night of
spellbinding fright right here on Creature Features stay tuned it is a magical night on creature
features because your here but also because we’ve got the wizard oz hello
sir good evening yeah we’ve been trying to get you for some time because we
heard there was a magical man in actual wizard who resided nearby and how was
the trip up the road well it was a nice trip but there was something in the
bushes that I was kind of following me along making strange noises ghosts must
have been well it might have been Tangella you know how I see well no she
likes to harpoon visitors so luckily she didn’t do that to you cos she I’d I
think she’s looking forward to your arrival so that’s why she didn’t
harpoon you but you probably ghosts I think so I think so it is it
did appear to be a haunted mansion it is well you know we’ve been told it’s
haunted but you know we’ve been told by skeptics as well that it’s not so we’re
confused we don’t know so anyways we’re gonna watch the bat 1959 have you seen
this film a long time ago a long time ago in a galaxy far far away and I saw a
long time ago too we did this like two years ago so we’re gonna do a rerun with
you but let’s get to the movie and when we come back we’re gonna learn all about
the wizard OZ so you guys stay with us you stay with us and I’m stuck here so
we’ll see you soon this is the Oaks a house in the country
which I rented for the summer as an author I write tales of mystery and
murder but the things that happened in this house were far more fantastic than
any story I’ve ever had published I brought a staff of servants from my
City apartment and my maid Lizzie Allen who had been with me nearly 20 years Lizzy yes miss Cornelia is the car ready its at the door look no miss Cornelia them servants you
brought from the apartment they’re talking about walking out on us really I
know they don’t like it here but I didn’t think it was that bad
have they been hearing things about the killer that the police called the bat
and the murders that he committed here this past winter now people are saying
that he’s back again well how can they be sure of that has he committed another
crime no not yet but that ain’t saying that he won’t here’s something else
you’ve heard about the bats they have here animal bats the kind that fly yes
yes look what it says in this magazine this is a report from the State Health
Department and it says some of them bats is rabid well and that ain’t all now
there’s a rumor going around that it was the bat himself the killer I mean that
released the rabid bats in this neighborhood oh that’s ridiculous
well the housekeeper the cook the butler and the upstairs maid don’t think so no
I can’t help but they think if hysterical nonsense like that can scare
them out of their good jobs it’s their loss not mine come on Lucy I’ve got to
get to the bank Drive directly to Zenith bank Warner I’m
afraid we’ll have to hurry it’s near closing time I’ll get you there Mrs Van Gorder thanks again miss Van Gorder how do you do Mr Bailey how are you I’m very well thank you
you remember Lizzie Allen of course hello miss Allen so you’re spending the
summer with us yes yes at least the Oaks the home of your bank president John
Fleming I heard you had I was surprised why is there something the matter with
us no I was surprised because mr. Fleming said he would never rent it oh
well I rented it from his nephew Mark Fleming who has the real estate office
here he said his uncle would be gone the
entire summer that’s right mr. Fleming’s in the North Woods now
with his physician dr. wells oh pardon me Dale I want you to meet my wife we
were married at Christmastime that must have been nice believe me it was oh here
she is my wife miss Van Gorder miss Alan how do you do how do you do oh
Cornelia Van Gorder yeah oh well I’ve read every murder mystery you’ve ever
written I just adored that weird one the private morgue of dr. X even though I
gave me the shivers only the shivers scared hell out of me oh well I I really
mean that miss corny killed them off in that
one when you refer to my books please don’t call me miss corny
pardon me mr. beiley mr. Heinz is here to see you oh yes mm-hmm
excuse me please don’t be strangers now no no we won’t oh so your a bride well not quite not since Christmas no I’m sure
I’ve seen you well I yeah I used to be my husband’s secretary here in the bank
of course I remember may I welcome our most distinguished visitor back to
Zenith that’s very charming but lieutenant Anderson lieutenant Anderson
of course Chief of Detectives of the zenith Police Department this is Miss
Allen Miss Allen how do you do lieutenant Anderson is one of our favorite citizens
he’s on the banks board of directors not bad for a policeman you must have made a
good thing of it well I saved money if that’s what you mean
it’s near closing time and I’ve got some business in the safe-deposit vault
please come and see me Mrs Bailey and you lieutenant good bye good bye nice to have met you my what a charming woman she moved into
the Oaks just the other day that house is a proper sitting for a writer of
mysteries oh it certainly is dick what’s the matter come in here both
of you Andy we’re in trouble
Wendell Heinz came in to pick up 350,000 dollars worth of bonds that we were
holding as collateral for a loan they were kept in our special vault mr.
Fleming and I are the only officers of the bank who have access to that vault
so Heinz bonds are gone that’s not all
other negotiable securities are missing from what I can gather short of a
careful check the bank has been looted of over a million dollars worth of
securities you’ll have to notify Fleming I wish I could talk to him unfortunately
he and dr. wells are deep in the woods they can’t be reached by phone what is it I thought I heard someone on
the path coming from the lake had an idea it might be that guide of ours Oh
Sam won’t show up until morning it’s a 20-mile canoe trip from here to
civilization five will get you ten Sam has a message for me I thought you told
him at the bank not to bother you I did but they’ll bother me doctor yes John
what would you do for half a million anything short of murder why not murder
too messy do greater risk for half a million yes I pinched a million from the
bank well I’m not kidding i embezzled it not
that I think you wouldn’t do it if you thought you could get away with it I got
away with it I’m not talking about currency I took negotiable securities
that could be converted into cash I have the cash in tens twenties and hundreds
well I’m your doctor not your lawyer why tell me this you’ll find out why who’s
gonna take the blame for the robbery Bailey the cashier they’ll never suspect
me I like Bailey so do i I love the guy I gave him his first chance he has a
lovely little wife charming girl was the best man where’s the million in my
family’s tomb and Senath in the crypt with my father’s casket I don’t buy that
John no no you forget that I had you in charge
when you were a very sick man when you raved in delirium and I heard you talk
about a hidden room now where else could you put a hidden room except in that
mansion you built that white elephant you call the Oaks look everyone knows I
have a bad heart who would doubted if you wired the bank
directors but my heart failed I had fallen from a great height here in the
woods but I was badly smashed up you could shift the body back for burial and
instruct them not to open the casket due to the condition of its contents well
you realize of course that we’d have to have a body to put in that casket which
means that we’d have to deal with an undertaker at this end of course where
do we get a body couldn’t we provide one of our own
how about Sam Sam our guide Sam weighs about as much as I do he’s practically a
hermit he wouldn’t be missed for a long time the local Undertaker would know him
not if we made him look as if he’d been a serious accident but if Bailey’s gonna
take the blame why do you have to do this a jury might acquit him in that
case I’d be a logical suspect I could disappear of course but it’s safer if
they think I’m dead but if I don’t go for this deal in that
case it would be too bad you mean you’d kill me what else could I do now that
I’ve told you about the million I’d say you were shot in the hunting accident
I’ll look doctor if you can find another body instead of Sam’s it’s alright with
me there’s half a million in it for you I’ll do my best I smell smoke
so do I what’s that noise look doctor the woods are on fire its coming this way we’ve got to get out of here out the back way we will soon as I provide that body we were
talking about welcome back to the show you are
watching Creature Features with us and we’re watching the bat with the wizard
oz Oberon Zell so you know up this movie connecting to you has Agnes
Moorehead and she was Endora on Bewitched she was right yeah what what did you
think of that show as far as like somebody who knows magic the whole nose
twitching thing did that make any sense to you well you know that carried forth
a mythos about witches that has been going on for a long time that there’s
sort of a separate species not like regular humans and that was you know I
married a witch and bewitched in Bell book and candle and all these movies
about it you know so it’s kind of an odd thing because in actuality witchcraft is
a a religion you know it’s not again Wiccan exactly and so witches real
witches do magic lots of magic actually but it’s not the nose twitchy kind of
stuff you know that makes the furniture fly around it makes such a point of
saying that the males were warlocks oh I know it’s very annoying because male
witches are called witches mind and warlocks the word means traitor really
so it does yeah so it was the name given to people who
turned over their other witches to the Inquisition it was not a nice thing to
call somebody well I imagine people have come up to you and said well you must be
a warlock and but I’m a wizard to say so I’m completely out of that whole sorry
you’re like a higher echelon I think well wizardry is different a wizard is
like a philosopher or a professor or a teacher kind of thing it’s not it’s not
a religion you know it’s different and someone’s like you’re an alchemist as
well very much very much like that so how’d you get into this well you know I
really honestly I have to say started when I was a little kid and my first
reading was children’s versions of the Greek myths and that kind of got me into
the world of myth and magic and mystery and I just kept going
you know from Greek myths to fairy tales to all the myths and legends of the
world and science fiction and and then all of the kind of wizardly stories
there are so many so you’ve been studying this since he was quite small
exactly my whole life it’s my life I’ve been a wizard all my life so when did
you actually come out and say I am a wizard or felt that you have qualified
well that’s one of those kind of things that you know that being a wizard is
something that other people tend to call you before you call yourself you know if
people refer to you as the wizard you’re like nominated pretty much pretty
much it’s some and really that coming out was in 1980 at the Renaissance Faire
when I was raising unicorns and taking them to the Renaissance faire so are we
gonna save this one because this very wonderful story that was the first time
that I put on the robes and the pointy hat and the staff and went out into the
world as a wizard you know so and it just continued from there I bet you were
well received I was people loved it people loved to have a wizard around him
Wizards are cool the Wizards are great guys and all the stories I mean Wizards
are good Gandalf exactly everything from Harry Potter
right Dumbledore and Merlin and you know all that kind of good stuff obi-wan
Kenobi’s Ben heroes right yes I mean we always hear of the evil wizard but it’s
like so obvious that’s an evil wizard we all the evil wizards or sorcerers it’s a
little different it’s a little different being the difference is that a wizard
seeks to serve to be of service and the sorcerer seeks to be served into rule
it’s a very different kind of an attitude you know it stands out really
clearly in the confrontation between Gandalf and Saruman in Lord of the Rings
or obi-wan Kenobi and Darth Vader so you always get this kind of a juxtaposition
of the wizard versus the sorcerer all right well let’s get back to the bat but
when we come back we’re gonna talk about these unicorns amazing story and we
learn more about wizardry so you guys stay with us My goodness Lizzie is that you yes mrs. Cornelia there’s a storm coming
up and it’s gonna be a snorter the wind nearly blew the door off its hinges will
add noise blew my game higher than a kite I think I’ve lost some of the cards oh
I’ll get them for you oh I see you found the paper to read that paper boy
scooting by on his bicycle just chucked it into a couple bushes and let it go
with that for land shake mr. Vick Bailey’s been arrested Oh Victor Bailey
vice-president and cashier of the zenith Bank was arraigned before United States
commissioner Alvin fielding charged with the embezzlement of over a million
dollars I can’t believe it Bailey anything to do with that robbery oh well I see
our landlord is home again landlord mr. Fleming
dr. Malcolm wells is back in town with the body of John Fleming president of
the zenith Bank who was killed in a forest fire mr. Fleming will be laid to
rest in his family’s tomb on Friday and I hope he stays there well why shouldn’t
he well this is his house and ever since he
died some funny things have happened here
for instance the housekeeper the cook and the butler said that they heard
strange noises at night and the upstairs maid swore that she met a man without a
face coming up the back stairs oh so that’s why they quit and left me
to run this place without a staff they didn’t tell you miss corny but the truth
is they were scared to stay but you’re still here Lizzie
haven’t you seen anything no no and even if I had I ain’t afraid of ghosts
they’re afraid of me honest miss corny a spiritualist told me once that ghost
was allergic to me But this bat feller they keep talking about
paper I I guess he’d be different no I don’t think you would have the same
effect on him what are they trying to do drive people away from this part of the country why
what does it say about the bat specialty seems to be killing women my goodness
two of them in one night all his victims died the same way like
their throats had been ripped open with steel claws that’s a charming little
caper I’ll have to try it sometime in a book that’s just the wind banging a door pay
no attention to it listen to this one of his victims who live for a moment after
she was found described the bat as a man without a face
honest miss corny I think that woman must have been exaggerating just that heavy tapestry at the top of
the stairs I know I know I’ve heard it before on a windy night that sounds as
if there was something on the stairs I know there isn’t at least there shouldn’t be
them’s just the noises you hear in any old house on a windy night it says here
that the bat never leaves no fingerprints that’s understandable
having no face he probably has no fingers either Lizzie And that I suppose is the
cat dropping its ventures no no I don’t think so but I think it’s something
should be looked into now who chucked him down here the wind I
hope must be a window open up to there no let it be let him lay let him sleep it off I hope the
power lines don’t go down put the lights out now we’ll check the windows in the
living room and draw the curtains and then we’ll go to bed yes ma’am Miss corny what what’s the matter I went to get the paper I turned the latch off I forgot to turn it on again he’s out there he was coming in he might have
gotcha oh but he didn’t and he’s still out there thanks to you now you hurry when I
will call the police no no I won’t leave you miss corny are you okay yes ma’am
I’m okay okay Operator give me the police department please Zenith police department this is Cornelia Van Gorder I’m living
at the oaks we know about that Mrs Van Gorder just a moment ago a man tried to force his way into this house your not alone there are you what about your servants well I have none except my chauffeur and
he’s away you won’t be back into the morning now there’s only two of us here
tonight and we’re going to lock ourselves in my room now if any of your
men see anything will you have them call me I’ll send officers over there right away well thank you very much
come on Lizzie we’re gonna sleep in my room well nothing can get at us in this room now I think this door seems good and solid like the
door to a tomb I think that couch will be comfortable there’s some extra
bedding you know yes Mrs no bolt well that’s not so good what’s that for that my good
woman is a booby trap if anybody tries to open this transom this will be
knocked off and will hear it fall Oh Fiddlesticks
I forgot my night things my robe mr gown and my slippers I’ll go get him now wait
a minute Lizzy I’ll go with you now don’t you bother mrs. Cornelia here my
room’s just down on me I told you to wait it’s all right now only a second get in here get in here yes Mrs Van Gorder yes Zenith Polive Department there a police car just outside your house and the officers in it have reported that there is no sign of a prowler anywhere on the grounds the man’s inside no he’s in hall just
outside my bedroom have your men break through the kitchen
door and search this place from top to bottom Ok Mrs Van Gorder sit tight I will I have a gun and I know how to use it welcome back to creature features mr.
wizard oz stepped out to get a book or something right he’s got a book he’s
gonna show us indeed he’s such a skeptic you know I always thought he was like a
spiritual kind of guy but he’s not so what we’re gonna do let us but I don’t
have any letters I need a letter to read tangella this is an actual letter what
are you doing with that oh you know she’s into Dragons now there was since
oh this is beautiful oh my goodness will you two calm down
I’m trying to do mail I mean I understand her doing this but you’re a
grown man bickering like children all right so what do we got here this is
from Otis day that sounds like a famous person
Otis day in Los Gatos that’s a beautiful card says creep it real and it’s look
it’s felt did you felt the felt have you felt felt all right enjoy every
bone chilling moment happy Halloween thank you so much sorry we’re reading
this late but it takes us so long to get through a mail you know we we need to
sort out like the Christmas cards and everything before the event right would
be nice all right he goes happy Halloween vincent livingston and Tangella
with three exclamation marks your screening of the guatemalan handshake
has inspired our group to be the cast this year for Halloween in years past we
were the Starship Enterprise crew the Spice Girls and The Addams Family keep
up the excellent frightfully good work you guys are actually gonna be the
people from I told you that was a wonderful film I mean they would not
cosplay the Guatemalan handshake unless there’s a fine film and Otis knows this
Thanks for writing and thank you for the beautiful card we should hang this up by
the Christmas tree this year right no he’s so terrible all right next
up we’ve got a letter from Eric Busby does not say where he goes at deer
Creature Features or I ran across you the other night well last man on
earth was running I’m confused here he ran across us well last man on earth was
running it’s quite a confusing statement Eric all right I think I know what you
mean though it was late and sleep evaded me really
enjoyed the show Vincent you rule the 80s hard rocker
look I love it well thank you mister livingston your dry observations quite
dry are often both humorous and more a tad sinister tangella
you’re simply adorable in that sense that you could slaughter someone with an
axe and still look cute while doing it you know I’ve never seen it do that but
I imagine you’re right hope to catch you out again some night
soon meanwhile have you guys ever run the 1962 classic Carnival of Souls had
an amazing creepy vibe to it all right good information here carnival souls yes
we ran quite some time ago we’re gonna run it again and guess who’s gonna join
us for that screening miss Candice Hilligoss the star of Carnival of Souls
she’s coming up to see us and she’s gonna tell us all about the movie and
you know what she is an amazing lady I spoke to her on the phone the other day
so Carnival of Souls yeah soon with Candice Hilligoss it’s gonna be I
think one of my favorite episodes we’ll see although the wizard thing was fun all right anymore another one all right this
one’s to Crowhaven Production why are they giving it to me this should be
going up to upstairs to the people they passed it along they passed it along
all right let’s see what it says this is from Thomas dilby in Fairfax
California that’s not far from here it’s close you know there’s a coffee shop
there with wonderful coffee all right he goes there crow Haven productions I’m
writing to you today to express my disappointments and to protest the
recent change in your company’s fanfare that appears before each
episode of your show Creature Features well we’re not around for that part I
find it utterly abhorrent that you would use footage of a poor bird flying into a
window to promote your film studio I formally request that you return to the
old fanfare that simply showed crows perched upon your logo
yours truly Thomas Dilby Fairfax California all right so you do realize
Thomas that that is in fact a cartoon bird and it’s not real and it’s actually
a crow attacking the camera so you know the fact that he smashes into the lens
you know that could happen and I suggest you don’t watch roadrunner and coyote
because you’re gonna be quite disappointed if you do is that it
that is it for letters if you would like to send us a letter of your own through
email you would use this address you see appearing under my shoe or if you would
like to send a beautiful card like our friend Eric right I believe it was very
I think it was Eric no it was Otis if you want to send the card like Otis
use the address you see appearing over here that’s it for now we’re gonna be
back soon with Oberon the wizard but first let’s get back to the bat relax relax Lizzie the police did a good job
they couldn’t find anybody in here we both saw him miss Cornelia oh right
alright so he got away and they got men on guard outside so just try and get some rest
there’s nothing can get out at us here oh oh oh miss Cornelia miss Cornelia what’s the matter the bat Oh nonsense you’ve had a nightmare maybe
I did but there was a bat in and it bit me it’s flew in that closet oh good gracious lizzie your right operator
operator will you get me dr. Malcolm Wells office please no I don’t know his
number and I have no phone book up here but this is an emergency will you
connect me with his office please oh dear I’m gonna get the rabies hello hello dr. Wells office this is a call service Dr Wells is out at the moment but if you give me your name and number ill try to locate him this is miss Van Gorder of the Oaks
my maid has just been bitten by a bat that may be rabid and she must have
treatment as soon as possible and I was told that dr. Wells was the
nearest physician I’ll try to find him for you and if I can’t I’ll send you another doctor oh well thank you
very much oh he’s out on a case oh it’s not a delivery a baby I mean they can be
terribly complicated it never bothered me not know Lizzy you’ve never had a
baby of course I didn’t that’s why they never bothered me does it hurt huh Dr Wells are you there Dr Wells Are you there Dr Wells this it the operator Call service is on the wire its an emergency this is dr. wells this is your call
service doctor oh hello I was just doing an experiment I left the receiver off
that’s what I thought but I kept trying miss Van Gorder at the Oaks called and
said her maid had been bitten by bat and she’s afraid it might be rabid what oh
all right tell her I’ll be right over there who’s there Dr wells come in good evening im so glad they found you doctor I reached my office
shortly after you called how is your maid is she in any pain no no she
doesn’t seem to be did the bat get away no I believe it’s still in my bedroom
good I want to examine it there you go miss Allen now you’ll feel better
doctor have I got the rabies what I can tell you better after I’ve examined the
bats brain under a microscope what things got a brain oh you’d be surprised
where is it I think the little darling is in that closet you know it’s a pity
you leased this house miss Van Gorder why pity
well my dear lady I don’t want to alarm you but oh well after tonight nothing
can alarm me yes I understand it must have been terrifying so many unexplainable
things have happened here it’s something about the place your servants must have
sensed it when they walked out on you an apprehension of disaster let’s see ahah yes there he is alright now take it easy nobody’s going
to hurt you quiet now quite looks quite normal doesn’t
seem to be sick at all ain’t that nice I’ve been worried about him
well you should be from his appearance I’d say that he doesn’t have any
infection in which case you’ve had a narrow escape now you take one of those
tablets are left for you and I’ll guarantee you a good night no drop in on
you tomorrow oh thanks for everything doc I don’t
worry I can find my way out oh I know you can but do let me help you
oh don’t forget that once I’m gone you’ll have to climb those stairs alone
oh I’m all right I’m armed now can you shoot one of those things without
shutting your eyes Oh doctor their guns in every book I’ve ever written I don’t
write about things I’m unfamiliar with lock the door lizzie good night yes ma’am goodnight doctor accident no no the wind blew him down oh
I think did you know that young Mark Fleming least you this house without
notifying his uncle no no I didn’t well it doesn’t matter now John Fleming is
dead and marks his heir but if John were alive he would warn you to leave here
miss Van Gorder really yes it’s been a tragic place for anyone who ever lived
in it well goodnight goodnight doctor who’s out there nobody you need to worry about doctor its Andy that’s right oh good evening miss Van Gorder good evening
lieutenant somebody sick here my maid was bitten by a bat
a rabid bat well I’ll know for sure when I get to my lab I
I caught the bat it happened indoors in my bedroom how’d it get in well there
are many ways the bat could get in the house
you ought to know I I spotted this hole in the window the minute I got here
that’s where the two-legged bat got your door open miss Van Gorder told me that she phoned
headquarters at Zenith yes I phoned twice the second time was after the
Prawler got in the house weren’t you at headquarters Andy
no but they contacted me an officer came and searched the house from top to bottom
but they couldn’t find the bat you better have this window fixed
tomorrow oh yes I certainly shall and I’d better be going on I’m doing surgery at
8 o’clock in the morning good night goodnight doctor there will be a man patrolling the
grounds all night whispering hello thank you and nobody inside Andy why should I
be well how do you know but what the bat is hiding somewhere in the house I’m
quite sure he isn’t in the house doctor not now goodnight, goodnight welcome back to creature features we are
watching the bat with the wizard oz and I’m about to show you something amazing
here that is a unicorn created by the wizard oz it’s a goat but it’s an actual
unicorn that’s right and you manipulated this animal very
gently I imagined very at a young stage and were able to
create Lancelot well the whole thing was we were doing research into the true
stories behind mythical beasties right my beloved
Morning Glory and I and in the process of our research we discovered the secret
of the unicorn that unicorns were real but they were not a species like people
thought they must have been they were creatures that were created by a
technique an art the art form it’s an art form like a bonsai you know right
right and they were created in ancient times to be the defenders of the herds
against predators because they are lethal right they’re invincible they’ve
got a sword sticking around the front of their head and they naturally headbutt
so and we found that different species horned animal found animals were created
to be unicorns throughout all of history at different times
the very first being four thousand years ago when they was taurine bull unicorns
and they’re shown on ancient Persian friezes fighting lions hence the lion vs. unicorn
everyone thought these were mythical animals right because they had to be created so
over time the secret which had always been kept a secret would be lost from
Wars or things would happen you know and then it would be rediscovered again
centuries later and because of this the unicorn became associated with the
Golden Age so the a myth arose that in the in the darkest times the unicorn
will appear and Herald the dawning of a new golden age and all of the Golden
Ages and Renaissance of history were heralded by the appearance of a unicorn
of different species he’s not talking about magic here you’re talking about an
actual technique where you manipulate as he said the buds of yes
and you they work it so that one horn grows from the middle of an animal who’s
got horns that go this way essentially it’s a matter of bringing
the glands if there’s before there’s horns within hours of birth right you
have to bring the glands into contact with you what puts them in the center of
the forehead and then they secrete enzymes and wherever those enzymes go
and you could put them on the kneecap I suppose you know if he could but it has
to be intact you know you can’t take them off and put it on somewhere else
they caused the horn development but when that two different ones from either
side are brought together it cancels out the curvature so the horn grows straight
and perpendicular instead of curved and the whole animal has changed the
the shape of the skull they the the whole balance is to the front so the
neck becomes powerful and muscular to support that and the shoulders become
powerful and the whole animal looks completely different than its parent
stock it looks like well a unicorn and you had one of the most famous ones that
was Lancelot who was yes sold or rented you know leased for a four-year
exhibition lease to the Ringling Brothers Barnum Bailey Circus where he
became the star and at the they had an exhaustion mysteries at the museum
right that they showed at the Ringling Brothers Museum in Florida they showed
this huge wall mural of all the different animals that that Ringling
Brothers had made famous and they kind of took the camera round in a big spiral
and right in the center was Lancelot our unicorn
right in the very center of this so it was pretty cool yeah all right I’m
getting the signal we’ve got to get back to this film but when we come back we’re gonna
talk some more with the wizard oz Oberon Zell so you guys stay with us and
don’t you dare go away no great stories Hi Andy Hello Mark oh well congratulations
realistic business must be picking up new office new furniture new deal how do
you like it looks expensive are you squandering your inheritance I
haven’t got it yet the paper says John Fleming left his entire fortune to you
funny thing about that entire fortune is that we can’t find it no kidding Oh Uncle John had
in his bank account there’s a couple of hundred dollars and it’s safe deposit
box was empty if we don’t find that missing million mine will be empty too
how come well all my savings were invested in Zenith Bank stock the
examiners won’t certify the bank is solvent until those stolen securities
are found so the stockholders have voted an
assessment that’ll wipe some of us out it’s a sense those securities have been
converted into cash if I can’t find that cash I’m sunk
oh where you gonna look for it Andy here in Zenith your uncle wouldn’t take a
million on a hunting trip would he you suspect uncle John why Andy
he founded the zenith bank that’d be like robbing the family tomb you think
he wouldn’t well besides Vic Baileys fingerprints are all over the vault now
they didn’t find any of Uncle John’s fingerprints because he wiped him off
can the defense prove that they are trying to Judy Hollander the Baileys
secretaries of defense witness they believe her testimony will have a
powerful effect on the jury well she has a powerful effect on me
Judy’s a doll here’s the book you mentioned Judy your
newest one yes that’s been published you can have that copy if you wish oh it’s
the first edition and you’ve signed it yes of course thank you so much may I
serve tea now Miss Van Gorder yes please do Warner thank you I see you’ve engaged
new servants yes of course how did you persuade them to live in this house
Jane Patterson my new housekeeper knows this house better than you do doctor Oh she worked
for John Fleming and Warner was my chauffeur chauffeur turned Butler you
can play any part at a moment’s notice it did you where did you get a plumber
Warner no we can’t get a plumber for three days madam what about leaking pipe
to the basement when we flooded in three days the pipe is no longer leaking you
mean is dried up of its own accord no not quite I packed the elbow where the
water was coming out packed the elbow oh where did you learn how to do that well
into each life a little rain must fall and a careful man learns to keep himself
dry now is there anything else that you require miss Van Gorder no not at the moment Warner thank you
madam now there is a character how long did
you say that he worked for you as chauffeur about three months well I hope
he doesn’t have a police record My dear Dale it may interest you to know that
the last night of his life John Fleming told me that he loved your husband like
a son if Fleming were alive today he would be fighting to prove Vic’s innocences
but mr. Fleming improve his own innocence miss Van Gorder can there be
any doubt about it there will be when Miss Hollander testifies at Vic’s trial
oh you know something that we haven’t heard yet
Judy something I saw with my own eyes she’s not permitted to say what it was
my dear girl I wouldn’t think of asking it but let’s assume for a moment that
Fleming did steal the million what would he do about it where is it
hidden someplace where he could lay his hands on it without getting caught in
the act now if I was writing this instead of living in the middle of it
I’d hide it right here in this spooky old house under a loose floorboard or up
a chimney if mr. Fleming had the nerve to steal a
million he’d make his plans well in advance I’d say he’d prepare a place to
hide it possibly when this house was being built I redid this place for Mark
Fleming his nephew I wonder I wonder if he’d have the floor plans I’ll ask him
yes Lizzy will you bring Mrs Bailey the phone you ask him now his number is
summit summit seven five three seven Thank You Lizzy summit 7537 Not bad Andy
that means new business now you see somebody wants to buy a house mark
Flemming speaking oh hello Dale well hang on a minute honey while I see if I
have him Its Dale Bailey all excited miss Van Gorder wants to know if I have the floor
plans of the Oaks now what would she want with the floor plans she suggested
to me that your uncle might have hidden the bank loot there are the plans here somewhere in the house itself wait a
minute there is a place where Johnny might have kept those blueprints what
place well I heard him talk about it a good many years ago I can’t be sure of
the exact location anyway I don’t think the old boy had the guts to steal a
million but if I find those plans I’ll let you know Andy hello Dale look honey
I haven’t seen those plans since I was a kid but I’ll come over tonight maybe we
can find it thank you mark will expect you
it seems to think they’re here in the house somewhere it’s coming over tonight
well that’s good dale and Julie are my houseguests for the weekend would you
like to have dinner with us tonight oh no thank you I I couldn’t I still have a
few calls to make you know if Judy’s testimony is going to
clear Vic Bailey and implicate John Flemming others may get the idea that
there’s buried treasure in this house don’t even mention your testimony until
you’re actually on the stand oh I won’t that’s a smart girl Judy and a very
lovely girl well good afternoon ladies goodbye doctor come on girls lets go the more I realize I should be putting them down on paper weren’t you your husband’s secretary
there yes I was do you take sure yeah my dear if you’d
like to have your mind occupied I want you to work with me while I write the
story of this fantastic criminal the bat wonderful dinner thank you good dinner Lizzy as usual wonderful
oh what a lovely piece of silver it’s an original isn’t it yes they still use them in England That clock hasn’t struck the hour the last 10
years if I’m to believe what my Flemming told me why is it angled away from the
wall like that I don’t know somebody must have moved it is he very likely
when she was dusting wait a minute did you know there’s a door in this
panel no no I didn’t oh my gracious so there is maybe it opens to a secret passage Oh
certainly to a secret something who knows girls oh were about to stumble on the missing million there’s a panel there must be some
gimmick to it there always is it moves you know I need to add more wizards on
this is far too interesting do you have any wizard friends that might I have
many wizard friends who would probably be delighted to be in a show like this I
don’t know if they’re gonna be as knowledgeable as magical as you all have
a whole school you know a whole school of course he’s got he’s got underlings
and you good good all right we are watching the bat with
the wizard oz and this is amazing we were talking about unicorns on the last
segment but first before we get to the next topic this film did you know that’s
Agnes Moorehead’s friend in this film was Darla hood from Little Rascals gang
I always loved her she was so cute I know so did I
I didn’t even realize that unless she breaks out into a song with
Spanky fact that director Tom just brought to us all right
so unicorns first but you’ve got a tale to tell about mermaids he’s written a
book about cryptozoology what’s it called again it’s called a Wizards
beastie area the Wizards bestiary bestiary all right and that’s a book
that’s no no longer in print not currently no but you can find them like
on Amazon we’re gonna put a picture up of this book so you should probably find
on Amazon and you didn’t tie a book on these mythical beasts and the I would
imagine place in reality right that’s exactly right
that was a whole idea we wanted to write a book that would be the true stories
behind the myths we figured that all these stores all these myths have some
kind of a grain of sand at the heart of the Pearl you all misty right exactly so
that was kind of the fun thing is to research the the creatures the strange
beasts of of myth and legend right the most amazing thing is that the most
horrific impossible insanely crazy creature ever imagined by the fevered
mind of you know sailors is actually real it is the Kraken the Kraken the
Kraken is a real creature it’s the giant octopus giant squid giant squid that i
have only seen recently with deep-diving right right but we bet they’ve seen
sucker marks on the whales that prey on them that indicate that some of these
things be the largest animals on earth the was
one species they did actually get two specimen of of which the adult would
have been had a body the size of a city bus if you can imagine that Wow with
tentacles so tell me about mermaids mermaids ah you went on an expedition
just to find mermaids we did we did after we completed the unicorn project
and the unicorns were often running with the circus we said well what are we
going to do to follow that one up that seemed like a hard act to follow so at
that time there were reports coming in from an ethnologist in New Guinea that
was people were talking about these creatures that lived out in the bay they
called the rie or the okai and he was collecting their stories about all the
different animals in their Pantheon so he said well is this a mythical beast or
is it a real beasts a no it’s a real basin they took him down to the bay in
the evening and there was and he watched this creature cavorting out there in the
bay in flipping up this beautiful tale that was a like a whale tale right and
then disappearance sometimes you could see the head and shoulders come up off
of the thing that said that’s the the fish marry the fish woman is what they
call it and so we guys we saw the reports from the cryptozoological
society that we were members of we said well let’s go mount an expedition so we
got our our diving stuff in gear and got our licensing and hired a diving boat
and a can of film crew and went to New Guinea in search of mermaids and so what
you find well what we found was that the creature that was actually the base it
was a real creature right it’s actually called the indo-pacific dugong dugong
dugong d ug ong dugong and it’s very rare listen Indonesia mostly and it is
the basis of legend and the foundation is that the females have breasts like a
woman oh my good and that gave it the name of the woman fish and that’s all I
remember is is this dugong yes it is but they they’re quite amazing
really of the end of the arm the skeleton of the arm it’s just like a
human arm it’s got the same proportions which are elbow and Anders
which are gnomes but they’re not just like that like dolphin fins it’s a full
arm articularly with elbow and forearms and fingers and stuff and they and the
females that will sit up in the water and hold their babies to their breasts
and nurse and they’re out in the bay and they are Oceanic they’re not freshwater
like like manatees people confuse them with manatees but they are not they’re
sleek and oceanic and manatees are fat freshwater yeah find a photo of a dugong
story hose quite intervention another another fact are the prove disproved
myth prove disprove we all you know you find the truth behind the story and I
find that fascinating this man’s a scientist as well as a wizard well
alright let’s get back to the film and when we come back we’re gonna talk some
more about your magical skills we have not covered okay here’s some of this
magic stuff mm-hmm all right you guys stay with us we’ll be right back calling car 11 calling car 11 proceed to
the oaks and Zenith Township immediately a homicide has been reported
okay proceeding to the oaks notify the County Coroner dr. Wells tell him to
come to the Oaks at once Horrible it’s throat has been torn by some
creature with fangs or claws that’s his sign we found it on the
others he killed I had hoped those reports that he was up
to his old tricks again were pure imagination but apparently they’re based
on fact he’s come back back to the scene of his kills
yes that’s who I mean that’s who did this The Bat who found mark we all did
and his Dale and Judy and I Lizzy was in the dining room this is my new
housekeeper Jane Patterson you know she worked for
John Fleming I know her where were you mrs. Patterson in the kitchen cleaning up I cooked the
dinner tonight did you know that the secret closet was here it was behind the
grandfather’s clock well it was I who found it really notice the clock had
been moved and the door wasn’t quite closed I’ll get it Who is it mark Flemming hmm as coroner you
saw the same wounds on the others how long has he been dead
oh I’d say about a half an hour do you believe it was the bat that’s a bats
trademark perhaps he’s still in the house that’s possible why should he be
because he’s looking for something and like you he believes it’s here and he’s
a persistent killer I would advise you to get out of this house as quickly as
possible not with standing our expert police
protection have you called the morgue on their way here oh good I want to examine the
body before they get here may we take him into another room yes to the sunroom in
the back thank you give me a hand excuse me Oh Warner where have you been well madam it what has been an accident
there’s been a murder mark lemming the young man from whom I
leased this place was killed here tonight they know who did it
well they they believe it was the bat I’m sorry I had to use the front door
miss Van Gorder but I forgot my keys and I rang the bell at the kitchen door
there was no response oh this is Warner lieutenant he’s my Butler he was my
chauffeur why did you promote him but it’s very
difficult to find a butler they don’t like service in the country have you
been a butler before I’ve served in many capacities sir but this was my night off
and I forgot my keys I heard that part what time did you leave the house tonight
about 6:30 I had dinner at Wally’s Roadhouse can you prove where you spent
the rest of the evening I can try try hard and don’t leave the
house I’ll get you later very good sir I shall be in my room miss Van Gorder if
you need me yes Warner surely you don’t think he’s the Warner and I’ve
met before I can’t recalled where or a when but I
will there’ll be a crew here shortly from
headquarters dusting for fingerprints taking photographs but in the meantime
mrs. Patterson you aren’t leaving the house tonight are you no Lieutenant
don’t I’ll talk to you in the morning good night good night sir Dale I was with
Mark Flemming this afternoon when you talk to him about the floor plans of
this house I heard him tell you he was coming here tonight Dale called him at
my request she told me he was coming will try to tell you that Judi Lizzy and
that nice dr. wells dr. wells there are few killers who kill for the fun of it
the bat very likely is a mental case and I’m convinced that his crimes are
motivated by his Meenu for personal gain there’s a million dollars at large and
he’s going to keep on hunting for it until he lays his hands on it these
young ladies are staying here tonight yes they’re my houseguests well when my
crew arrives we’ll be busy for a while so I’d suggest it did we go to our rooms
that’s been a good idea come on girls what about a police guard for this house tonight
lieutenant you’ve got one I’m gonna cover this place tonight from the Attic
to the basement if the bat makes another call I’ll have a little surprise for him
who who is he have you any idea he could be anybody so far there are
clues to his identity but nothing we could take before a jury I am afraid we
must look higher up in the criminal world he may be a merchant lawyer doctor
scientist one of the pillars of his community ladies lock your doors tonight
stay behind I promise you you’ll be safe goodnight goodnight Lieutenant goodnight poor Mark yeah its a pity so young well doctor do you
agree it was the bat in my report I shall say the death was caused by the
same technique used in the other killings a paralyzing blow to the throat
followed by severe lacerations of the jugular resulting in excessive
hemorrhage in a layman’s language he didn’t know what hit him
oh he knew but he didn’t have time to think about it’ you staying here tonight til I check the doors
and windows but I’ll be back bright and early in the morning neither snow nor
rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the Swift completion
of their appointed rounds a lot of people are due for a shock when I close
this case yes I’m sure they are good night Andy don’t get hurt good night doctor you know I think we’d better let you get
some sleep oh well Lizzy and I share this room for
mutual protection you know one night a storm blew the wires down put the lights
out and I went out the next day and bought a half a dozen of these things
you better take one with you day oh thank you we’ll go across the hall now are you sure there’s nothing else you need quite sure we’ll be all right well if
anything bothers you just sing out and two strong women will come to your rescue
nothing will bother us not with Andy on the job goodnight goodnight don’t worry everything will be
all right good night come on Lizzy I don’t think I’ll sleep tonight
me neither all I can see is poor mark Fleming staring at us I thought that
when people died their eyes closed is in sleep don’t think about it I’ll bet
you’re thinking about it no I was thinking my poor husband sleeping in
jail tonight Oh Judy I love him so much what’s that noise I don’t know
I kind of feel half asleep for a moment I thought it was something from a dream
it’s somewhere in the house yes on the floor above not directly over
us probably a room overlooking the driveway should we call Miss Van Gorder she’ll
hear how can she help but hear it besides we don’t want her to think we’re
a couple of hysterical women I’m about to become for one night Dale you’re not
going out in that Hall I want to know what’s happening up there but lieutenant
Anderson said if we stayed behind our locked doors would be safe Vic isn’t
safe locked up in that jail I suppose that stolen money is in this
house Mark Fleming seemed to think it was maybe that’s what somebody’s looking
for oh for heaven sake dont you hear that awful noise up there now lizzy lizzy you just gotta stay awake house phone and the outside phone wires have been cut and we
can’t get help where’s that policeman oh I don’t know
something must have happened to him go on get it on your robe Oh Dale please
don’t go up there I’ve got to think what it could mean to Vic now you stay here
Oh No if you go I go you stay here no no i wont let you go up there alone you wait here I’m gonna see what it is oh please let me go with you Judy will you warn me if anyone come and ill only be a moment now wait Judy on no not Judy Give her to me I’ll look after her Dale Poor baby welcome back to creature features
thanks for joining us we are watching the bat 1959 long time ago but this
film is interesting they’re keeping us in suspense I can typically guess who
the bad guy is that’s a difficulty with this one I know every time you think you
know who it is then it changes although it very good direction alright well this
is good writing I think this is an amazing book so this is called grimoire
for the apprentice wizard written by the wizard oz Oberon Zell our guest tonight
and this is an incredible book I was thumbing through this during the last
segment and so much it’s like an encyclopedia I guess it’s an
encyclopedia of like magic and magical terms it is there’s a lot of data here
so is this like your main Bible well Tome it’s the first book that I wrote
I’ve written a number of other ones since I collect the bestiary but this
was the first one and I was asked by a publisher who wanted me to write for
them because they figured that if I wrote a book it would sell because I was
famous they said so what would you write about and right at that time the whole
Harry Potter thing was hitting I was thinking well I don’t think I’d like to
write a book that would be a basic foundational textbook for wizards like
the Boy Scout Handbook this is I love the Boy Scout handbook but my idea
was a little further I don’t know if you saw that read to the old Bob barks
Donald Duck stories but they had this thing called the junior woodchuck manual
that had anything you want to know is like The Hitchhiker’s Guide certainly I
figured I’d want to write a book that would have everything you could possibly
want to know about the magical arts and it would be a lifetime reference book
the old always keeping the consult and I stood and I wrote the book and it was it
did that and I worked with other Wizards the Great Council and a number of other
Wizards that I know who also know lots of good stuff and as I was finishing it
I was realized that I’ve written a textbook for a school but I don’t have a
school so the next thing had to be have start
a school that’s what I do it’s called the it’s called the gray school of
wizardry and it was founded in 2004 the same year the book was published and it
it’s huge it’s worldwide we have students in 50 countries around the
world and it’s a purely online it’s purely online yes
using the wizardry of the Internet do we even have a virtual campus and second
lights life so you can go in and create magical effects and learn stuff and do
various things and interact with your other fellow wizards and teachers it’s
it’s very cool really that’s incredible so this book is currently of else that
is like right no this one continues to be Amazon and anywhere bookstores
grimoire for the apprentice wizard take a look at this this an amazing book you
will be impressed with the just sheer amount of data in this all right I’m
getting a signal we got to get back to the film and I think we’re gonna be
wrapping up the film so when we come back we’re gonna find out what you are
next right okay all right off we go back to the bat stay with us Judy the Bat yes the bat he caught her at
the head of the stairs we saw him rushing down the stairs as we came out
of the room I hurled that after him I hit him I believe I am going to cover this
place from attic to basement you said well what were you covering when that
poor child was murdered where were you I saw a man outside in the ground I went
out there and hunted him I heard him in among the trees and so I followed the
sound of him as far as the brook down near the back road and then I lost him
I’d rather give my own life than have this happen to Judy but I told you to
stay in your rooms and lock your doors and stay there what was she doing at the
head of those stairs that was my fault they heard a strange noise heavy
pounding and one of the rooms on the third floor we all heard it I wanted to
see what it was Judy what she wouldn’t let me go all by myself I made her stay
on the balcony what about your new Butler oh well he’s in his room I
suppose Oh mrs. Patterson oh yes did you know
what happened here no sir but I heard the screams I went to
call Warner we have rooms on the same floor but he wasn’t in his room his bed
hasn’t been slept in if mrs. Patterson heard the screams
Warner could certainly hear them Your quite right sir I heard them oh you did and where were you outside in the grounds mrs. Holland has been murdered no oh so you’re
surprised shocked well I’ve seen better performances I remember you now your
name’s not Warner I’ve got a circular in my office with
your picture on it the Chicago police not so long ago were
hunting for you in connection with the robbery you’re right again sir and they
found me and they tried me and I proved my innocence and I was acquitted that
could have been unlucky break where were you when this child was killed I told
you before sir outside were you doing there I was following you I saw you
leaving the house and seemed that you were hunting someone I thought you might
need some help oh yes sir I followed your flashlight down thru the trees and
it disappeared and then suddenly as I was staring out into the darkness I was
struck by something on the back of the head the next thing I
knew I was lying on the ground I realized I’d been knocked out I wish you
had been knocked out but then we’d have found you with your mask still on your
face you would here in this house with this poker as you were rushing down
those stairs after that child oh no so you can’t pin this on me I’m not the bat
I’ve never killed I couldn’t kill I won’t take the rap for this well doctor we have another case for the
County Coroner you see the bat came back why did you come back doctor well I I
had an accident about a mile down the road the right rear wheel of my car came
off and I plunged into the ditch this was the nearest house so I came here to
call for help I thought I’d find you around Andy physician heal thyself you
must have been hit by something on the back of your head I told you I had an
accident so you did doctor so you did I could be wrong
but maybe I am NOT we shall see M dear lets start a new chapter four days the
murders held the headlines lieutenant Anderson frilled us ransacked the house
from top to bottom Warner was not placed under arrest
but his every move was watched at night except for a detective on guard in the
house the police and the reporters left us alone and on one of those nights
without telling Lizzie or anyone else I pursued a secret investigation of my own it was in an empty room on the third
floor where we kept our trunks and other
things Put em up Bat it’s a bright idea to kill me in my own
lab and let people think that I’m the bat but you had to kill me first
what was it to be ambushed clever as you are you’re not smart enough to do that
no were you smart enough to find the money though you came quite close to it
but I know where it is and when you’re dead with that sign pinned on your chest
I’m going to collect it and live happily ever after he destroyed himself how true
that will be goodbye bat here’s a serum that will heal you whether you’re rabid
or not somethings wrong somethings wrong Miss Cornelia Miss Cornelia Now where would she be going at
this time of night Mr Davenport Mr Davenport
a fine thing the door and bolted the chain off and you were sleep on the job
wait til lieutenant Anderson hears about this come on wake up what’s the matter with you i dont know I don’t know my head hurts my whole body’s numb here here take a
sip of this try to snap out of it I’ll be back in a minute Hurry will you it’s Lizzie I’m terribly
worried I can’t find miss Cornelia anywhere and something’s happened to the
policeman I don’t know what get Warner bring into the drawing room tell him we
need him are you all right now I’ll be all right in a minute I remember now I took a drink of wine
from that de quatre there miss Van Gorder told me to help myself
she wouldn’t put nothing in it well somebody did somebody who knew I was on
duty here it was somebody that got miss Van Gorder I can’t find her anywhere
upstairs downstairs or in the basement I told the housekeeper to get Warner
lieutenant Anderson will want to know about this hello yeah this is Davenport
at the oaks we’ve got trouble here well for one
thing I was drugged yeah but I must have been knocked out because the maid tells
me miss Van Gorder is missing well you better call Anderson let him know he’s
not at home well where is he out on a case what case dr. wells what else did they
tell you about him Oh hurry will you we’ve got to find Miss Cornelia okay
lieutenant Anderson is out on a case dr. Wells was found dead in a room next to
his garage murdered doctor wells there’s something queer about the killing of
Wells but headquarters won’t talk about it Lizzie
one isn’t in his room there’s no kind of him anywhere I was supposed to keep an
eye on that guy where’s Miss Cornelia that’s what I want to know wait a minute
didn’t you say that the chain and the boat were off of the front door I
certainly did well maybe miss Van Gorder went outside she never would we better
look I cant I cant breathe theres no air miss Cornelia yeah miss Van Gorder Miss cornelia look
there’s a light in that room of the third floor well you up there tonight
well of course I was but I turned the lights out before I came downstairs miss
Cornelia might have turned them on again that’s why we’re going to look first
come on Miss Cornelia Miss Cornelia Miss Cornelia Yes Lizzy I’m here Right here come to the mantle please here we are miss Van gorder Oh what do we
do now over the mantel there are five panels strike it with your hand which panel did you say miss Van Gorder Miss Van Gorder which panel we couldn’t hear you she said strike it what difference does it make which panel we will strike them all Look oh it’s alright not its alright dear Lizzies here feeling better yes much better we’ll take it to your
rock no you want I’m gonna stay right here I’m quite all right
Oh blizzard it is debris without an effort you know no one knows how sweet
the air can taste until someone shuts it off for a moment that room is just like
a box when the mantlepiece caused it seem like Holly here was drawn out of it
let it close I can open it from in here there’s a control panel behind this
blueprint electric motor under the trapdoor here once the door is open you
can keep it that way I believe that the fireplace in this other room opens the
same way and it does I tried to find this but I couldn’t find it it was back
of this blueprint here that’s it’s quite a setup too bad we
can’t open that safe in the same way take an expert to crack this box or a
shot on nitro oh maybe maybe that’s what the back had in mind could be seems he’s
on the prowl tonight Miss Van Gorder Warner has disappeared and
dr. wells has been murdered dr. wells lieutenant Anderson’s on that case right
now but does he know what happened here tonight they got word to him he’ll be
here any minute whats that noise miss Van Gorder the garage is on fire Lizzie put the light out in the other room well where you going to report the fire
you just stayed right here let this man go to the garage well let it burn you
watch the stairs thank you see that fire was set to get us out of the house were
you talking about that yes yes I’m talking about the bat now that the
lights are out you’ll think his triggers worked and we’ve gone he’ll be here any
minute well so lieutenant Anderson I hope so but
the battle be here first and he’ll kill again if we’re in his way we’ve got to
be as clever as he is but you’ll be safer downstairs I’ll take
care of him while the others can go but I’m gonna stay right here alright but get outta sight let’s face it ladies and get it over
with others have seen my face before they died but I’ll have to deny you
that pleasure this would make a good scene for your book mrs. Van Gorder but I’m
afraid you’ll never write it that is Warner I could tell you mis-judged
me miss Allen Warner I don’t like being a murder suspect mrs.
Van Gorder I was headed for a plane but halfway to the airport I changed my
mind and came back I’m glad that I did Why its Lieutenant Anderson yes it was Anderson he discovered the secret of the hidden
room and was waiting to get into it open up the safe we found the money in it
little over a million in tens and twenties and hundreds good ol Andy with
all his ill-gotten gains invested in Bank stock it’s rather a clever way to
hide stolen money in the open as it were and so respectable but don’t try it
no matter how clever you are you can’t hide murder Well
that’s it Dale that’s the end well that wraps up the bat I did not
expect it to be the cop did you know I totally had it pegged as Vincent Price
you know and you know we’ve both seen this film before and I completely forgot
about that surprise ending what do you think of the film she always likes Vincent
Price films I don’t know what is and we’ve been joined by Livingston as well
but much to his chagrin because he did not want to come out but I insisted he
stand next to a real wizard after all the flack he gave me during the
commencement all right Oberon Zell the wizard oz what are you
doing next well my next project current project is 20/20 vision
we are coming on the threat but we all strive for I hope so yes right and it’s
a perfect name for the coming decade you know so I’ve been promoting the idea of
us visioning the kind of world we want to see in the 2020s because the 2020s
are the latest iteration of a cycle of Renaissance that has occurred regularly
every 60 years all the way back to the 1480s of the Italian Renaissance and so
this is an indicator of change have changed significant and anew well a new
generation emerges at a time like this and the world is never the same the last
one of these was in the 1960s sown all the moon length of time that this occurs
every 60 years every 60 years every 60 years and just one but the whole name of
2020 just conjures up naturally the idea of 2020 visions so I’m working on trying
to get everybody to go out and register to vote for example just do it doesn’t
vote thats you know that’s casting your spell
that’s magic act magic is probability enhancement and it’s all about shifting
the probabilities that’s what magic is so I’m encouraging people to do that go
out there and register and vote okay and also start envisioning the kind of a
world because if enough people the envision something that thing will
happen in 1987 every many many people envision world peace so with the
harmonic convergence and within weeks the iron curtain came down the Berlin
Wall fell the first same time within weeks of the great
collective worldwide we should do that again
exactly exactly that sounds like quite a noble cause and your continuing your
apprentice school I am selling the book which we did have to find that before
and my goodness yo like you’ll like the the center of the wizard universe you
Harry Potter fans need to look this man up will people to often compare me they
say well is the real-life Albus Dumbledore and stuff which is kind of
cool it’s nice to be compared with good characters you know so but I and I am
the headmaster for real school of wizardry so now it is and that the
chap that did that is an actor and you are the real McCoy that was true all
right so people can learn more by visiting your website which is my
personal website is OberonZell.com one word OberonZell.com all one word
and you can find out everything about Oberon the book the cause and everything
else right it’s all there all right thank you so much for coming it’s been
wonderful hearing the stories and lots of the facts that he brought to the
table all right we’ll see you again soon I hope and we’ll keep up on your
apprentice school good and as far as you guys are concerned thank you so much for
watching the show you know if you were watching the show we’d be just old
sitting here alone having a little chat no that’s true moment so it’s nice to
have people watching the show next week we’re gonna have another guest
another movie I doubt either will be better than tonight but you never know
we’ll see you next time so uh Oberon all this information about
wizardry has me quite interested and I’m thinking of perhaps taking your course
at least reading the book but I’m thinking I don’t have the right look I
mean what could I do to make myself look more wizardly well you should grow a
beard and you should stop coloring your hair

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  1. Love this one. Vincent Prtice&Agnes Moorehead. Really wacky, entertaining. Thanx. Keep the horror movies coming. Love u guys! Happy Holidays!

  2. HozerSnoppy………Awesome Mail last week..great artwork! I hope to make it tonight but I've been weak and my hands are hurting again. Hope everyone has a great time tonight. Remember….Be safe out there. and if I miss the show I pulled a Rich and fell asleep lol.

  3. I am really enjoying this film, I am a great fan of Vincent Price and Agnes Moorehead. I have never heard of this film before, I am so glad I discovered your channel!!!

  4. Any chance to see King Diamond on the show? Hearing your musical pieces always reminds me of his intros and interludes. And I am sure, he would be a great guest with a lot to tell about horror and magic and creepy music. Zetro from Exodus may certainly establish a connection with him.

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