Obstruction or Interference? You make the call – baseball rules.

The rules governing obstruction and interference
are two of the more misunderstood rules in baseball. Watch this clip of a youth baseball game and
you make the call. Very quickly before the clip starts. Obstruction: Obstruction is a rule that prevents
the fielder obstructing the runner in his attempt to advance bases. Interference: Interference is anytime the
runner impedes the fielders ability to field a ball. That’s the clip in its entirety. Post in the comments what your opinion is
on if this should be considered obstruction or interference or neither and where should
the runner be placed or should he be called out? And share this video with your favorite youth
baseball coach, player or umpire and see what they think is the right call. If you just want the answer, check out the
comments left by others or wait a week or two and the video description will be updated
with the correct call and why with rules listed in full. You can also check out our many other videos
discussing the rules of obstruction & interference. For more youth baseball content, don’t forget
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