Ocean Man First Nation Ball Hockey Camp (Nov 2019)

Right on so we just wrapped up our Ball
Hockey camp weekend in Ocean Man First Nation. It was awesome, Jess and I showed
up and had a great group of kids different ages, there wasn’t a single
player or youth that plays ice hockey so it was a unique experience for
us because you know we were teaching them a lot of foundation fundamental
things and keeping it really light but it really like it really resonated with
them and they had a blast we had everybody show up again for day two and
it was awesome we did a lot of fun drills different games on the first day and
then on day two we amped it up a little bit more with some Dryland and a little
bit more you know a little bit more intensity and then
while keeping a light but the highlight was having the dads come and
participate in a sort of a parents versus kids game and it was good because
you know they’re there to show their support and be there for the kids and it
was a blast I mean to have the parents come up to us and shake our hands and
just be happy for us and thanking us for coming was really really cool and
one of the dad’s in particular he didn’t want to, he was a little camera-shy for
the interview but he specifically said to us he was ‘so happy that we were there and
proud’, that he literally said “I’m proud of the fact that you guys are doing this” it meant a lot to him to see his two kids having so much fun, and smiling, laughing
and talking about this camp That’s why we do this I mean it’s just,
keep it positive get kids out of the house get them active and having fun and socialize
with their peers and enjoy friendly competition this is what I loved as a kid, was playing sports with my friends outside and in the gym
having a blast and having memories of that so this is what were hoping to do with our camps, is come to communities, put on amazing camps that will leave long lasting memories and stories for these kids at
school, with their friends, at home with their families. So I mean just thank you Ocean Man! We’ve already talked about coming back for an Ice Hockey Camp early in the new year, and we can’t wait, we had a blast. So thank you for having us and we’ll see you soon!

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