Octopus and Cuttlefish Play Hide and Seek

Exploring the Fascinating Minds of Octopuses Meet Rudy A young, curious, playful octopus He’s always up for a little game of hide and seek AND TODAY’S PLAYDATE IS WITH… MORY A fellow cephalopod, a close relative of our beloved octopus and a master in the art of camouflage. MEET THE CUTTLEFISH READY OR NOT HERE I COME Millions of chromatophores and over 400 million years of evolution make the cuttlefish one of earth’s most spectacular miracles.

100 thoughts on “Octopus and Cuttlefish Play Hide and Seek

  1. “The cuttlefish is a master of disguise.”

    @4:03 puts 2 arms up to disguise himself as a bunny rabbit.

    Me: “Damn he’s good”

  2. I used to work at the New England Aquarium and would watch cuttlefish whenever I could. They are a miracle. Octopus too. Thanks.

  3. "We were of course ready to intervene if at any point they decided to play rough."
    I doubt that any human is quick enough to intervene should either of those two decide it's time for some real action. The cuttlefish in particular; he can extend his arms to nearly triple their normal length almost faster than a human can even see, let alone react.

  4. It’s hard to watch these videos without seeing the wave of people looking for a reason to cry “abuse”.

    Do these people really think researchers don’t plan things? Like they just throw random things together to see what happens?

  5. Rudy! You are a very handsome young guy. That being said, however, I must say I caught you cheating while playing with Mory! But since it appeared to be with just one eye, perhaps it can be overlooked this time?

  6. I think they shouldn’t be together… u call it hide and seek i believe that that cuttlefish wants nothing to do with the octo

  7. In Dutch cuttlefish is called SeaCat (zeekat). Don’t know why, but may be that’s why in my head cuttle changes in cuddlefish all the time.

  8. I'm not really sure the octopus even saw/recognized the cuttlefish as anything more than part of the decor. The cuttlefish however seemed to both recognize the octopus as both a predator and as a fellow cephlapod. The zebra pattern is a threat display that they usually do to other cuttlefish to fight over mates and territory. But it kept switching from that, running, and trying to hide XD

  9. So, I’ve seen how one octopus will teach another octopus how to open a jar to get to the crab.

    Can an octopus teach a cuttlefish how to do something? Or vice verse?

  10. It's more like a game of tag than hide and seek. The cuttlefish always just one step ahead of the octopus; 'over here. now I'm here. you can't catch me.'  neither is threatened or intimidated by the other, if anything they are more likely to go for the other smaller creatures in the tank; little fish/ crustaceans.

  11. these fish need places to hide, and as much dark as possible. your setup is way too bright, and no where for the animals to feel comfortable. ridiculous design for an octopus.
    thumbs down no sand no shade. as far as im concerned it's abuse.

  12. The cuttlefish is not showing any signs if distress, he isn't even changing his color/texture when the octopus comes close. He just kinda walks away from him.

    The only point in the whole video where the cuttlefish may have felt a type of way is when he raised his tentacles up.

    One thing about cephalopods, and cuttlefish especially is that they are very transparent when it comes to showing how they feel a bout something.

  13. Do cuttlefish primarily move "butt-first"? Makes sense with the streamlined body shape, but i always pictured them leading with the side their eyes and tentacles are on. Neat

  14. Sad that theese hyper intelligent creatures are cursed with a very short lifespann.
    Some of theese species only live 1-3 years, and since it takes time to get adult and they live in water, which is much harder to create community in..

    I'll bet that if they lived longer and could create societys, they would, they are so f..ing smart that some are much smarter than dolphins.
    No fire, no writing, no way to pass knowledge to the next generation and so short lives.

    Thats sad.

  15. They are just playing, both of them is very much aware of each other, neither can hide.

    They are well fed, and even got som fishy lunch swimming by, no need for confrontation.

    Its like a chimp and a gorilla watching each other.

  16. So which one is leonardo DiCaprio and which is Tom Hanks ?
    Get it ? I made a funny joke about the movie "Catch me if you can"
    (In case you needed it explained to you, lmao)

  17. Have you guys tried putting different patterns down on the floor or the walls to see which ones they can blend well with?

  18. As a wee girl watching old movies or a swashbuckling adventure film with an Octopus in it, I'd always sigh with relief when the crew of the ship conquered the big sea beast. Phew.
    Then my dad would go 'aye' grin then say ' just watch'
    Then the big beastie would find some other way to trash the ship.
    My Dad said that they were dead clever.
    40 odd years plus have came and gone since watching these old flicks and I'm thinking how the hell did he know that?
    He was born in 1930.

  19. They need more hideing places,you should add more places for them to hide in.put more natural stuff more plants ,coral. Etc.

  20. "… make the cuttlefish one of earth's most spectacular miracles."

    Ok. How so? What makes having those chromatophores and millions of years of evolution so special that you specifically mention them? Don't just write crap and then not explain yourself. And the "e" in Earth should be capitalized. You're talking about the planet Earth, not dirt.

  21. Is the silly music needed? You think that represents the mood in the tank? Why do animal videos so often have this type of music??? It is extremely childish and counteracts the beauty of the creatures, as if they are a bit silly and just funny etc. I truly wonder what goes through the minds of the people who think this type of music is necessary (at least you didn't add slapstick sound effects).

  22. I think the tank should be a bit bigger with way more objects in it to create a more natural environment. It's too artificial looking.

  23. How big is Rudy and her tank? How old is she and how big will get? So many questions… just want to know more about these beautiful and intelligent creatures! Thank you for creating all these wonderful videos!

  24. I love this work you do, learning about animals in order to understand them. After all, we can only help them if we understand them, and as a wildlife rescuer and carer I know how important that is. I've only watched a few of these videos but my fear of Octopuses (or do you still use Octopi?) is now pretty much non-existent. You see, our Aussie Octopus, the Blue-Ringed Octopus, is highly venemous and extremely dangerous to human beings, so we are taught to fear them so that we leave them alone and avoid being at risk of death. I actually find them endearing now and am quite fond of seeing these videos! Thank you Octolab TV!!

  25. Love these two amazing creatures. A couple recommended a toothpaste in Thailand, and we used that brand for almost 5 years. My husband read ingredients one day and found one of the natural ingredients was cuttlefish. We were shocked because we had been told the toothpaste was herbal. We stopped using it right away. From then on, we always read ingredients, recommended or not.

  26. Look I’m not an expert but at 4:05 isnt the cuddle fish trying to mimic a sea snake by being skinny and raising its arms like a snakes tongue? Like I said I’m not an expert but I believe that might be a defensive posture. Anyway if you could please reply with the evidence of this being a playful game of hide and seek and not a primal “I’m being hunted” kind of feeling please do. I mean no disrespect or anything I’m just making sure bc I thought I read something about cuddle fish acting like other animals to scare away predators. Thanks 🙂

  27. 🤓 ❓ 🤔 🐟 🐠 Yet, there still exists today… a large percentage of a small faction within the people of the world, more precisely the scientific communities, that we all meant to accept the presupposition (without a single iota of proof) that we all came from monkey-like creatures, and those creatures came from fish which came from primordial soup which came from the "big bang", which all came from its original source, the very original source for all of what we see and understand for it all: nothing… yes, that is exactly the kind of religious zealotry and fanciful 'magical' thinking in which they all believe in, that all of the intricate complexities within the cells, much less the rest of the human body… that all of it came from… absolutely nothing whatsoever at all! Yet, we still somehow call these idiotic imbeciles "intelligent"??? 😋 ❓ 😜 🐠 🐟

  28. The cuttlefish was not having fun, it showed a few times it felt unsafe or in danger. The fact that you thought this would be cool to show on youtube is questionable. I think you knew when the cuttlefish was feeling unsafe and just did it for views. Simple google search would teach people the wrong here, but not many would use that tool, you however being professional would. Thumbs down and I love cuttlefish, octopus, and squids. How disappointing to see this done for views when a creature was obviously scared.

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