Off-duty security employee beaten with bat in Chelsea park

own .. was viciously attacked
with a baseball bat. 29:19 i see
their cars quite often here and
probably has deterred probably a
lot of crime here. but this i think is something
different. 28 0:37 sad, wondering what
happened. 0:30 this is usually a pretty
quiet park. Police searched land and
water… for evidence and answers. The violent midday attack… turned
popular Mary OMalley Park… into a crime scene. Police interviewed witnesses… And say the victim was
off-duty… when he was brutally beaten over
the head. 4:37 the victim was just laying
there. He
saw EMTs checking on the
victim… Alliance Security… saying “…an off-duty employee
of ours
was a victim of a senseless
crime. Our support, thoughts, and
prayers are with him and his
family. We have no further comment”
0:52 it could have been a bat,
could have been a knife, could
have been a
gun. unfortunately thats the days
we’re living in. 59 Police think the
suspect tossed the bat into the
before taking off. He’s described as
hispanic… early 20s … medium
build… black shorts, black t-
shirt.. and black hat. He ran off with
a white female… early 20s… dirty
blonde hair, wearing green
shorts. 4:18 so its tragic that you
have to use violence to do
something when you could just
clearly walk away from a
situation. 24 Police believe the attack… was not
random. The victim remains at
Mass General with
injuries. Live in Chelsea… SC WCVB NC5.

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