Off-Ice Hockey Drill to Improve Your Skating Immediately

Here we have skater box jumps for height. We are jumping on one foot in the middle,
you can use a box, you can use a bench, or anything that you have. We are just going
to be jumping up to the other side landing with your other leg on top of the box. Here we are, pushing up off of this leg, up
and then landing. So we are really exploding off of this leg, up as high as you can, and
then landing. So with skater box jumps, we are really working
on that lateral explosion with that inside leg, great for hockey. If you want to add
weight to that, you have some options with holding a medicine ball, using the weighted
stick, or you can even hold a dumbbell, or two dumbbells. Make sure if you do the dumbbells you start
out very light, and add weight as you go. It is an advanced exercise and adding weight
only when you get to a level where no weight or light when is very easy for you.

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