Official Trailer: Marjaavaan | Riteish Deshmukh, Sidharth Malhotra,Tara Sutaria | Milap Zaveri

You’ll find Temples and Mosques… …in every lane of this country you go. He shall come to your rescue… …whether you pray to Ali or Bajrangbali! “The pain of this separation…” “…and never seeing you again…” It makes you pine…
till your heart is at the edge. And then becomes your salvation. Love. I am floored. “I’ve many memories of you…” “…but this time I wish you would come.” “Down your lane…” “Down your lane…” Do you know the height of despicableness? 3 feet. I am not a monster. I am an incarnation. Raghu…forsake this madness. Otherwise the girl will die… …and so will you. I won’t take revenge, sir. I shall seek retribution. How dare he…
retaliate against me? Retaliation doesn’t need permission. A bunch of straws
can never contain a storm. Finish him! I never imagined things
would come to this… Reduced to slave who was once a king. You can’t expect to stick your head
in the lion’s jaw and escape. If I hit you, you will die. You’ll be scared to be reborn again. One Ravan, 10 heads. One Vishnu, 10 severed heads. “I am floored.”

100 thoughts on “Official Trailer: Marjaavaan | Riteish Deshmukh, Sidharth Malhotra,Tara Sutaria | Milap Zaveri

  1. जो काम सलवार कमीज़ कर सकती है,
    वो काम बिकिनी नहीं कर सकती।
    तारा I love you

  2. जान तो वह भी लेता जो तडपाता है और बाद

    मे खुद मरहम बन जाता है

    Ans —- इस्क

  3. Yaar jb is movie ke sare song acchai h to fr movie ketne acchi hoge yaar movie interested lgte h dekhni to banti h or ek like or comment to banta h

  4. Movie of the year 2019 MARJAWAN…….
    Hit song ……
    Dhamaka action ….
    jabarjast dialogue ……..

  5. The story of this movie is exactly the same as Ek Villain. Only 2 differences are that in this movie the girl is mute and the villain is a dwarf.

  6. Ali (raz)se mangna aur bajrang bali se mangna tou aik brabar he.
    Agar movie main hero ko muslim dikhaya h tou sahi muslim dikhao na.

  7. In this movie Best performance by Sidharth in his career….emotions and actions…Those who agree with me..plzz reply

  8. ये क्या चुतीयापा है,,, शायरी हो रही है, मुशायरा है क्या

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