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you know one told me that you go through
every emotion during the season and it’s very true you go through every emotion
while you’re deployed you go through every emotion while you’re in basic
training AIT any other specialized training that
you do especially here as well and so if you have the ability to make it through
the door you have the strength to make it through the room things are simple
it’s us our perception our view of life that makes things seem harder than what
it is there’s so many gifts that we have that we reject and if you can dream it
you can do it all those things that we learn in military I apply here and
consequently they do the same thing they don’t know it you know on in athletics
you never want to leave your teammate behind every time I got the thought that
I would want to quit when I felt like I just couldn’t make one more mile in this
ruck march or you’re tired doing a 12-hour shift are you doing cqd there’s
always going to be somebody looking to you when you least expect it for
guidance for strength and for encouragement people see what I’m doing as well but
have no idea I’m doing this because of the experiences I’ve had I’m not 18 no
more my physical ability has nothing to do with my age and I think people need
to realize that the limitation that you put on yourself you know are sometimes
irrelevant and don’t exist as far as me and the coaches well I’m actually older than
some of the coaches so there’s a very fine line a very balance to how we
communicate because we understand in life and in some areas I may be better
equipped than they may be and the older you get the more you understand and
desire to want to be humble because with humility you actually become stronger everybody can understand one thing you
treat a person the way you see them don’t act that way then they will only
act the way that you give them but you give them something else if you showed
them that they could be better they will almost always you know climb up to that
responsibility or to your expectation you

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