Ole Miss Baseball Defeats #6 ECU 8-6 (2-19-17)

– [Announcer] On this Ole Miss Squad. There’s a base hit to left, a sharp single, and Blackman has his first base hit of 2000. Nick Barber. The runner is going,
Bolka, the throw down. (crack of bat) There’s a smash to the right side, nice play. (crack of bat) And he gets another base hit. He’s thinking, “I
thought this college game was supposed to be difficult.” – [Announcer] Yeah, well. (crack of bat) – [Announcer] There’s a drive
to deep right center field on the track, and it’s gone! (clapping) – [Announcer] Coming in with come heat. (crack of bat) – [Announcer] And Kessinger has himself his first collegiate base hit. With two outs here in the second. – [Announcer] He’s from
that super regional club. – [Announcer] And look. – [Announcer] Instead of just one or two. – [Announcer] Ah, the wave. And the whiff. Not this time. Feigl pulls the string. – [Announcer] On the SEC Network, there’s that Watch ESPN App, and Grae Kessinger is on fire, folks. Back-to-back singles. Golsan in the hole, into left field, and Bortles stopped for a moment, and then continued on,
and Golsan gets an RBI. – [Announcer] At bat again today. – [Announcer] There’s a base
hit up the middle by Zabowski, Golsan scores, Dillard will score, and Ole Miss is back to within one. They’re at the corners for Olenek and Ryan Olenek continues
his terrific weekend. He’s digging for two, he’ll have a double, and they’re gonna try to score Kessinger, and he does, all the way from first! And Ole Miss has– – [Announcer] Three percent. There’s a one-hopper to Bortles, steps on the bag, throws over to first, in time for a– – [Announcer] Cockrell
down the right field line, it’s a fair ball. It will bounce out of play,
so a ground rule double for Chase Cockrell. – [Announcer] 12 games over ranked teams. There goes the runner, Kyle Watson, who is pinch-running for Dillard. Swing and a miss. Swing and a miss and Woolfolk. – [Announcer] You saw
Ethridge, Will Ethridge warming up in the bullpen, and Grae Kessinger has
his third hit of the day. Is a wild one, and
taking second was Olenek, on the throwing here.

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