Ole Miss Baseball defeats Arkansas State 16-4 (02-21-17)

Freshman. Maybe some of the older guys. [CROWD CHEERING]. Golsan rips one to –. Dillard, Zabowski, and Fortes. And Dillard right –. This time of year, because they’ve been practicing outdoors. [BAT HITTING BALL]. There’s a base hit. Arkansas State wins. [BAT HITTING BALL]. [CROWD CHEERING]. Cockrell delivers a base hit to left. Golsan scores. Blackman will try to score. And at the little league level, these young boys that — [BAT HITTING BALL]. — were on the mound pitching –. [CROWD CHEERING]. Speaking of hot shots. Kyle Watson hammered that. Good job by Will Golsan. That’s another one of these Ole Miss Rebels that has thrust fast balls up in the zone. So these guys really have their swings dialed in. [BAT HITTING BALL]. [CROWD CHEERING]. And Blackman with a base hit up the middle. Will Golsan will score easily from second. [CROWD CHEERING]. [BAT HITTING BALL]. There’s Dillard again, another base hit. [BAT HITTING BALL]. Fly ball. Short right center field. The catch by Rucker. Zabowski is going to try to score. Here comes –. Is he going to bounce back or is he going to cave in? Strike three. That’s a –. [BAT HITTING BALL]. And Fortes, a smash off the glove of Hawkins, and that will allow a –. Throw five innings, at least be eligible for the win. [BAT HITTING BALL]. Kessinger at short. The flip to second to –. For 11 at the plate. [BAT HITTING BALL]. Make it –. For the series. [BAT HITTING BALL]. Fitzsimmons, a smash to third. Knocked down by How–. Pitch hit or it may be a spot start. Fortes, who is three for three tonight, lift –. [BAT HITTING BALL]. Line in a left. [CROWD CHEERING]. Golsan, he’s already got two doubles. Make it three for Will Golsan tonight. Of those three frames. [BAT HITTING BALL]. Miller sends one deep to left field. [CROWD CHEERING]. It’s going to be a one hopper off the wall. Third base coach Mike Clement asking for Cockrell to score from first. [BAT HITTING BALL]. Smash up the middle. And Seamster –. Golsan’s at first. [BAT HITTING BALL]. Fly ball deep left field. It’s to the track, in and out of the glove of Vaughn. [CROWD CHEERING]. You’re up. You’re up. You’re up. Seamster’s going to –. [BAT HITTING BALL]. [MUSIC]. Here in Oxford, Mississippi, time to check the SEC –.

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