Ole Miss Baseball Defeats Little Rock 5-4, 10 Innings (03-28-17)

[Music]. What would you have given for a day out of school, when you get to go to the ballpark? That’s the story for this –. Swing and a miss. Good breaking ball in on the hands. First strikeout –. [Bat hits ball]. Fly ball to left. On the run is Mitchell. Dives for it and makes the catch. Nice play by –. On the team for Little Rock. [Bat hits ball]. The lead runner at first –. How about that double play? Three, six, three. Swing and a miss. Runner goes. Probably a hit and run. [Bat hits ball]. Ground ball, right side. Base hit for Cole Zabowski, an RBI single. That is his first hit since March the fifth. [Bat hits ball]. Ball lifted to left. Thomas Dillard on the run to the track. Makes the catch to step in. One away. He’s at second. [Bat hits ball]. Fly ball to short. Watson charging. That ends the inning. [Cheering]. [Bat hits ball]. Blackman, chopper to third. Ole Miss goes one, two, three in the third. Junior year and then –. [Bat hits ball]. Again out of your senior year. Ball to short. Chance for a double play. Six, four, three, and ends the inning. Second –. [Bat hits ball]. This ball going to find its way through the middle, an RBI single for Tate Blackman. [Cheering]. Tenth run down the end of the year. And Ole Miss leads at two, nothing. Didn’t waste any time at that at-bat. Olson, just raring back, firing a fast ball. Not only did it have good zip on it, it had a nice little run to it, right to the outside part of the plate. [Bat hits ball]. Zabowski hit it right center. A two-hit day. Pitch-hitter. [Bat hits ball]. Hits it through the left side, a base hit. Knight comes home to score. They’re going to try and score the second run. Throws up the first-base line and you got a tie ball –. [Bat hits ball]. [Cheering]. Fly ball to left. Watson on the run. This one is gone. A two-run homerun for Zach Baker, his third homerun of the season. [Cheering]. Low for ball four. That is three straight walks by Justin Garcia. Golsan comes home to score. And this game is tied. Swing and a miss. Got him with a slider that time. Ball in the dirt. And Watson is going to take third base. [Bat hits ball]. Lifted into left field. A base hit. That is a game-winner. Ole Miss, five to four over Little Rock in the bottom of the tenth inning. First extra innings win of the season for the Rebels. [Cheering]. That was just a great overall team win for Ole Miss, sticking it out, gutting it through. Almost a completely different lineup to end the game as it was to start the game. Pitching –.

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