Ole Miss Baseball Defeats ULM 21-7 (05-02-17)

Swayze Field here in Oxford, Mississippi where tonight the SEC Network proudly presents game one of this midweek series between ULM and Ole Miss. Fly ball left field and it’s hit well to the warning track and it’s out of here. A two run homer by Turner Francis, his third of the year and ULM takes the early two nothing lead. Well that ball was hit a ton off the bat, you knew it had a chance, watching Thomas Dillard go back he just kept going. Then the defending National Champs, Costal Carolina comes to Monroe, Louisiana this weekend. There’s a swing and a miss and a strikeout of Hemphill for the second out. Golsan also has the team high 15 multi-hit game and he drives this one to deep left field, it’s a one hopper off the wall, it’s going to be extra bases. Mike Clement asking for Tate Blackman to score from first, the throw is high and the Rebels are on the board as Golsan delivers a RBI. There goes the runner Golsan and Bortles sends one deep to right centerfield, and that’s Cox making the catch, Golsan is going to try to tag, the throw is not in time, as Golsan slides in safely. And Backofen and there’s strike three, so Holston with three strike– Fly ball, right field, hit well back to the warning track and Golsan makes a ter— And Golsan sends one to centerfield, Stone will make the catch, but deep enough to score Tate Blackman and Will Golsan– First pitch swing and a sharp single to left field by Tyler Cox. This one’s hit to the left center field gap and it’s going to allow ULM to put a couple runners in scoring position. He flew out to Golsan out in right field, this time Buckman hits one out to right center field, Cox will score, they will hold Bell at third and an RBI single by Blake Buckman. By one of the national publications. This one’s a high hopper, over the head of Colby Bortles, that’s going to be extra bases, and Cade Stone with and RBI double that plated be– And Roth gets a big strikeout on the number three hitter, Turner Francis. Eye level, you don’t necessarily have to come over the heart of the dish right here. Swing and a miss and Roth gets back to back strikeouts. Fortes with a good start for Ole Miss, slashes a single to left. Fly ball left field by Olenek and it’s out of here. A two run homer by Ryan Olenek, his second of the year and the Rebels are back to within two. Bruce Peddie going to the bullpen here in the fourth and Dillard delivers a single the other way. Still nobody out here in the bottom of the fourth for Ole Miss. Got a good strong arm, fear of the runner that second baseman Three and one the count, Johnson lays down a perfect bunt and that gets away from the first baseman Francis, and everybody will move up 90 feet and the Rebels have cut it to one. The runner at second, Rowe is at third. That one gets away from Hemphill and Rowe will scoot on home and we’re tied at seven. That one’s hit in the dirt and Cooper Johnson scores. It’s the popup by Golsan, that’s Francis making the play. They’re giving Ole Miss a run for their money right now. Bortles right now the only Rebel not to reach base, that might change here and he does reach base. Earlier in the season. In the hole Herrera, this throw is air mailed. Rowe comes through a single to left, Bortles will score, Fortes will score and Tim Rowe a– Lined down the left field line, it’s going to be extra bases, it will be a double for Johnson as Rowe — Possibly AA. Kessinger in the hole, the throw in time, how about that scoop– Bouncer to the right side, Blackman charges and that will take care of Herrera. The ball game. Fly ball left field and forget it this one is way on out of here. Nick Fortes his third homerun of the year and the Rebels are now up by a half dozen. I beg your pardon, up by seven. Getting ready for that series starting on Friday. That one in the dirt and scoring is — Fortes, did he do it again? Yes, he did, two home runs in the same inning. Are you kidding me? Have yourself a night Nick Fortes. I tell you talk about getting greedy and go out there and getting more, have those stats Nick Fortes, five — And baseball is such a beautiful game where — Wow, Findley rips one to first, nice play by Fortes steps on the–

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  1. I really want to go to ole miss I play short stop and I'm in the 8th grade I get A's and b's and I will work hard to get wher I want to go.

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