Ole Miss Baseball: Fall Grind – David Parkinson – (2016)

(rock music) – This program is about busting it. It toughens you up. It’s not just a physical toughness, it’s a mental toughness
in getting you ready. Baseball’s one of those sports, it’s not all physical, it’s
a lot of mental processing and things like that. That’s what I think it really does to us, it really strengthens us
mentally along with physically. That’s something that’s
really hard for you to do, it’s really hard to overcome, it’s really hard to get used to it. That’s what I think they’re
really doing to us in the fall. They’re getting us ready
for that mentality. Be that bulldog on the
mound, on the plate, whatever you’re doing and
any situation in the game, you’re gonna be that guy
that’s ready to do it. You want the ball. You want the ball hit to you, you want the ball handed
to you, you want it. There’s something you
can’t put your finger on about baseball. When you step between those lines, nothing matters. Once you step on those lines, it’s baseball and it’s fun. It’s just, it’s amazing.

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