Ole Miss Baseball: Mic’d Up – First Day of Fall Practice (2015)

(bat cracks) – We’re having a good day today. – I’m mic’ed up but I
don’t know what to say. – How good was that
breakfast this morning? – Errol just made it look easy. He was just talking the whole time. – He does that. I don’t know what to say. – If you swing and miss
at batting practice, when the ball’s right down the middle, you ain’t got a chance in the game. These dudes throw too hard. They’re too good. – Need to resume our argument on who’s a better athlete, me or Sykes? – The only thing I said was that I’m more athletic than Sykes. – Yeah, you are. – In what way? – In what way? Athleticism! – The only thing Sykes
can do better than me is hit a ball farther than me, and he can throw a football. He’s pretty good at throwing a football. – Right on top of my hand, somehow insert my Twitter name, @errol_robinson6. – I can’t believe you fell
riding your bike on campus. Coach Clem tweeted the fungo rankings, so it’s the top five pitchers
that swing a fungo bat. And I’m pretty confident
that I’m number one every single year, but
Coach Clem just likes to say that he’s getting these votes from players that are putting me in
the number two spot. So I took my own poll today, asked every position
player if they had a vote, and they didn’t. So now I just know it’s all bias. Hey did you have a vote
in the fungo rankings? – No. – You didn’t have one either? Okay, that’s 0 for 2. – He’s asking me like I
was gonna vote for him. – Good fungo hitters
don’t get bad hops Denny. – If this video is good, I’ll give Ole Miss Video
Productions a follow. Actually, I follow you already. (hits ball) – That ball was in my
way, I had to get it out. – Ms. Leanne Toohey,
if you see this video, I know I’m your favorite on this team. And I’m hurt that you
followed me for like two days, and then unfollowed me. – First intersquad of the year? No it’s not first intersquad of the year. It’s first Errol day of the year. – So if you could follow me back, I’d be very happy. – So pretty much, I got ranked
second because I look good? Is that what you’re saying? – Denny probably wasn’t very happy today. But, you know, Denny gets
a little relaxed at times. – It’s pretty accurate to watch
Shore go, really good fungo, Matt Denny second, good fungo. New guy, Brian Browning,
left handed pitcher, really athletic. Can
really handle the bat. Probably gonna jump Denny soon. – I think Denny’s closer to number three than he is number one. I think he’s lucky to be where he’s at. – Want some goldfish? – Asolutely. – It’s the snack that smiles back. – You get the majority of your votes from the worst infielders. – You must have been
munchin’ on these things. – Hey, you all going to ‘Bama? You want to smuggle me in your bag? (singing) – They’re good, thank you. – Yeah, no problem. – I need to be there when
we put a hurtin’ on ’em. – This is boring. – Yeah, I haven’t moved. – You think Ted enjoys this? – Yeah he has to. – Your job is to sit back here and watch outfielders catch balls and if it goes passed,
than you all get them. – And eat snacks. – And eat snacks while
you’re on the field, wearing shorts! – So hot. – (other outfielder)
We’re living the life. – I mean he’s been here
for like six years, so he has to enjoy something. – Is he on first today? – That’s easy. Being a pitcher/outfielder
or whatever is easy. – DJ a hidden tank. (whistles) – Pitchers! Clear it! Just gonna get a quick drag and water before we intersquad. Give ’em about 20 minutes for field prep, so this is where us and
the managers come in. (music) (rake scrapes) – He thinks he’s Mario Andretti
on that thing sometimes. – Biggest problem we have
with our field right now is the fox. He keeps coming and stealing
all of our base plugs out of the base holes
when we’re gone at night. You can see his tracks
around all the bases. So we knew something was up. We just weren’t sure at
the time what it was. And then he was obviously
out here the one day and then he went viral on the Twitter. He made a pretty good splash. He’s chewed up quite a few. I think it had to have
been like a young one, ’cause I don’t know if
he was teething or what but he would chew ’em. Chew the heck out of ’em. – One of things that we try to do is try to get you to think more, especially in the fall and early spring, more about the process. Did you make the play? Did you do what you were supposed to do? That’s how we get better. Not just did red win
today or blue win today? Alright, let’s go get ’em today. (whistles and clapping)

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