Ole Miss Baseball: On The Farm: Will Allen – (2015)

– [Voiceover] It’s a
passive Friday morning in Norwich, Connecticut. Summer’s final days are fading away. The cold winds of fall are approaching. It is here, in this tranquil town, where former Rebel Will
Allen makes his home for the summer baseball season. – Just got up to start my day, so… You know, pack up and get
ready to head to the field. Glutemine and amino acid, it’s just stuff to hold my body together for the long season. The biggest thing of all… (pills rattle) Aleve. It’s very key. Key to success. I had to cut my hair so, used to havin’ longer hair. Don’t let Sikes see this. He’ll make fun of me. This is like all their past kids that they hosted. At the end of the summer, they’ll print off a picture for us, and, you know, just
have us write somethin’ or sign it. (cell phone ringtone playing) It’s my dad, actually. Hello? What’s up, man? ‘Bout to pick up some food. I’ll give y’all a call
here in a little bit. Love you guys. Bye. I’m just gonna get the sausage,
egg, and cheese sandwich, please. Amen. Now it’s just time to grub. (lively country music) Sikes texted us last night. He’s like, “So, got in my first
professional brawl last night. “Benches cleared, everything.” And I was just like, “How many hits you get in, Sikes?” He’s like, “I got a
couple cheap shots in.” And I was like, you know, that’s typical, typical Sikes. Realistically, he was probably runnin’ back up into
the clubhouse, hidin’. I think our… These our umpires? Hey, our umpires are here. Sup, guys? Pitchers stretch at like,
3 o’clock today, but… Shane, yeah. Back behind the plate? – Yup. – You know, you gotta
sweet talk the umpires. Thank you very much.
– [Woman] You’re welcome. – It was delicious, as always. – Thank you. – We’ll see you guys soon. – All right, very good. – You guys have a good one. Be kind to us tonight. – [Man] Yeah, I always try to! – There you go. See y’all. – [Man] Thank you. – I play for the Connecticut Tigers, which is an affiliate
of the Detroit Tigers. This is the short season low A team. ‘Bout to go inside and get ready to lift. (upbeat music) Okay. (breathing strenuously) (medicine ball hitting floor) Could knock a couple pull-ups out. (grunting) See, the workout’s over. It’s just some extra stuff
we like to get done in here. This looks like a massage, it’s not. It sucks. It’s like a… achin’, burning feeling. That’s it. It looks good, man. – Thank you, my man. (energetic music) – [Scott] You’ve gotten
so much better at that. – [Will] I know. (bat smacks baseball loudly) Feels good. We’ll go one more, Scotty. – [Scott] You got ground balls. – [Will] I do have ground balls. Learning to play some first base. Oh! Two more. Oh, there it is! Appreciate it, Revs. Thank you, sir. – No problem. – Real early on in the season, we go to Brooklyn. Kid comes up to me and
asks for my autograph. So, I’m signin’, I look up, and the kid is wearin’ an Ole Miss hoodie and a Ole Miss hat. – Will was a little surprised that there was a kid from
Manhattan in Brooklyn with an Ole Miss sweatshirt on. So, they struck up a friendship and we came back the next night, and his dad was there. – He ran into Henry and his dad, Bob, and just kinda got to be
friends and acquaintances. What’s up, boy? – [Bob] Hey, how are you? – [Will] How you doin’, Henry? Dude, I’m pumped you guys could make it. Should be a good game. – Oh yeah, we’re out in
Cape Cod for a vacation. – The All-Star Game was really cool. Best part was just going to Camden Yards. I caught four innings, got one at bat. You guys been watchin’ some
of the Little League stuff? I feel like it’s on in
our clubhouse every day. Rebel Nation and Ole Miss
fans are all over the place, so I was kinda– – It’s how I discovered of Ole Miss, ’cause of “The Season.” – Yeah! There you go. Shout out to “The Season.” – [Bob] Great! – Thank y’all for makin’
the trip and everything. – [Bob] Hotty Toddy! – Hotty Toddy! There you go, always! (exuberant music) Just gettin’ spiked up. Get ready to play some ball. It’s like our hitting notebook that our hittin’ coach gives us. Like, this is Lowell, July 1st, and kinda like at Ole Miss,
I just keep track on my own. You know, it’s equality at bat. It’s my best friend for the day. Hey, I like the mohawk! Did you get you a jersey, or? – We just bought your jersey. – Oh yeah? – Yeah. – There you go. That’s awesome, man! Very cool. There we go. – [Henry] Thanks, Will. – [Will] Absolutely, boy! Hopefully, I’ll be movin’ up and you can keep gettin’
these till I’m old. There you go. Havin’ a good time so far? – Yeah. – There you go. There you go, boy. – Thank you. – I like to just interact with
the fans as much as I can. You know, they’re the reason
we get to play this game, we get paid to do it. So, you treat them well
and they’ll treat you well. ♫ And the home ♫ of the ♫ brave ♫
(cheers and applause) (intense music) (cheering and applause) – [Man] Great job, man! – [Announcer] First baseman, number 46, Will Allen! (bat cracks against baseball) (cheers and applause) – [Man] All right, Will! (cheers and applause) – [Voiceover] Allen advanced
to third on an error by Lowell shortstop, Jeremy Rivera. He would score the game’s first run in rather odd fashion. – I think it was ball four,
and the ball hit the umpire and went into his ball bag. I guess it’s a ruling automatic run, automatic one base. Scored the first run of the game! – And then I saw it go into his pouch. I was like, “Holy cow!” The ball ricocheted in there. I’ve never seen that all
my years in baseball. (announcer muffled through microphone) (bat cracks against baseball) (cheers and applause) – [Announcer] Saved by Will Allen! – Go, 46! – Way to go, Will! (bat cracks against baseball) Yeah! Go, go, go, go! Go! (groans) Nice shot! – Solid piece to right field, pretty deep fly ball. Didn’t carry real well. – So, he started the
rally in the first inning and scored the only run, so that was pretty good. (bat cracks against baseball) (cheers and applause) – So, right here, we got
just like, our scout reports on everybody, and the stats. So, this guy right here,
I just checked his number, fastball, curveball, slider, changeup. That’s pretty much all we got on it. ‘Atta boy! (bat cracks against baseball) (cheers and applause) (intense rock music) – Good game, man! – [Will] Thank you, I appreciate it. – Congratulations! – [Will] Yeah, barely–
– [Henry] Good job! – Barely snuck in that one run. – Oh, I like the plate. – Oh yeah! Gotta represent Ole Miss, man, everywhere. Post-game meal. Try to get some good food. Luckily, they’re still
open for a little bit. Catcher get smoked? They were askin’ if it hit our player. They were sayin’, like, “Hey!” – Oh, okay. – Did it hit him, or no? – I don’t think so. – I don’t think it hit him either. – He got out of the way. – [Will] I was waitin’ to
see where the ball went ’cause I saw the catcher react, and he was lookin’ behind him. And I was like… – Yeah, where is it? – Where’s the ball? Thanks again, man. Y’all be good. – All right, Hotty Toddy! – [Will] Hotty Toddy, always, man! Gotta love Rebel family, for sure! – [Bob] We’ll see you. – Thank you, guys! Y’all be good and we will
catch up with you here, hopefully, in a week or so. All right, guys. Well, it’s pretty much it. It is 12:30 AM, wrappin’
up just an everyday, everyday routine. ‘Bout to head inside, get some sleep, call it a night, and do
it all again tomorrow. So, hope you guys enjoyed it. Hotty Toddy and see you soon, Oxford. (hopeful music) Have to get my double
chocolate chip cookie. It’s my good luck charm. That’s what I tell myself. Scotty, you’re jacked. We’ve talked about this. (bat smacks baseball) Oh, that’s legit! – [Scott] Whoa! I bet you can’t do that again. – [Will] No shot. Cut it, cut it! Say “hey” to the camera. – Hi! – Oh, Oxford, I can’t wait to get back.

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