Ole Miss Baseball: Powder Blue Jersey Reveal (2016)

(Upbeat music) – [Sean Johnson] I’m
gettin’ my baby blues on, my powder blues. Gonna
surprise the team here. They think we’re wearing the pinstripes. I’m gonna walk into the meeting room and Coach B’s gonna be like, “Where’s Sean John? Where’s Sean John? We have no idea where he is.” And then I’m gonna walk in
with the powder blues on, and it’s gonna look super-fresh, and the team’s gonna go crazy. We all love the powder
blue, we love the look, the old-school look, it looks really cool. – [Sean] Oh yeah. That looks beautiful. (shushing) – Is Johnson not here yet? – [Teammate] He was in
the bathroom before. – Alright. So we were supposed to… Sean was talking about maybe wearing the blue jersey today, with the pinstripe pants, so… Go find him. – [Sean] So we gonna
wear something like this? (teammates applaud and cheer) – Go change! (cheering and whooping) – [Henri Lartigue] It’s
always nice to get new things. Especially when it’s really cool looking. – I’m excited. I don’t know what to say. Words can’t describe my feeling right now. – Probably coolest uniforms
in college baseball. You heard it here first. – [Henri] The red mask
was a nice touch, also. – [Mike Bianco] Y’know, obviously, it’s a hit with the players, but hopefully it’s a hit with the fans as well. It’s something we’ve been kind of planning and kind of keeping under wraps for quite some time, so I’m excited to this point, that it’s worked out. – Now we’re gonna go get this sweep, there’s no doubt about it. (♫ We can ride!♫)

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