OLLU baseball vs. Central Methodist University (1/31-2/1/2020)

Today you opened up strong on the pitching, what do you have to say about that? All weekend long it’s really great when our starters go out and give us an opportunity to win.
I think we gave up one run the first game, one run the second
game, one run the third game and three right here. Offensively we
did enough to win three out of four but these are the guys need to talk to you.
So you went seven innings with eight strikeouts, how does it make you feel? It feels good. Our coaching staff has a great plan coming into it. Coach Flores preaches it
all week long and we got two good catchers. One is a
sophomore one is a senior. We got two catchers back there that know what
they’re doing and they’re confident. So you got into a little bit of a hole a
couple of times, how did you feel about coming out of it? We have guys behind us
that are going to make plays. I’m never scared to challenge anybody on
another team. I know my catcher is back there fighting with me, my coaches are
fighting with me, and then if the ball gets hit hard I mean my shortstop
fielded a couple balls that were crushed hard and backs me up. So yesterday you
closed out the second game of the doubleheader with six innings and seven
strikeouts, how does that make you feel? It was good to finally get a win under my belt.
Last week didn’t go too well for me. This week is all about just battling
hitters and getting ahead of guys and just going to the game plan that
Coach Flores provides for us. I thought that the pitchers all weekend just did a
heck of a job of making that happen. So you opened up today’s doubleheader, came out strong
eight strikeouts how does that make you feel? Yes sir, pretty good it’s a good win and it feels good good to win.The team did good, the defense played good and the bats were hot so it felt good. Alec you pitched the second game of the doubleheader, how did it feel to come out for your first start? It felt great. I played three games before, two yesterday and one today at shortstop. Coach said here is the ball, let’s go do it and let’s go get them. Join us Feb. 7 when the OLLU
baseball team takes on Tabor College starting at 1 p.m. For the Saints Network, I’m Jeremy Falkner.

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