OLLU volleyball vs. Paul Quinn College (10-4-19)

Coach you had a fast start from early on what did you like from them at the beginning of every set? Well what it came
down to was our offense was clicking very efficiently. When you
have five hitters hitting over .380 you’re doing something right and fifty two
kills in three games is just a ridiculous average. Really happy with
the way we connected, our setters were making really good choices going to the
hot hands and our hitters made good choices. They actually put up a pretty
good block and we did a nice job of hitting around it. You guys have a quick
turnaround you’ll play tomorrow at one o’clock in New Mexico what’s the focus
on? We’re trying to figure out how to Star Trek warp there, not sure who made
the schedule this year but it won’t happen again in the future if I have
anything to say about it not sure how we’re gonna make this work. We’re
gonna get on a bus in about an hour here and drive about half way and try
to get six or seven hours of sleep and drive the rest of the way. It’s one of
those adversity things that we’re gonna use as one of life’s lessons and go give
it our best shot tomorrow in New Mexico. Thank you coach. The Saints
beat Paul Quinn 3-0 today they’ll take on Southwest tomorrow at 1 o’clock.
For Sports Information I’m Ryan O’Keefe.

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