OLLU volleyball vs. Texas College (11-1-19)

Anyssa you have played in 118 matches as
a Saint which is second most all-time. You went to the 2016 Red River Athletic
Conference championship and were part of the all-conference first team among
other awards. What accomplishments have stood out to you throughout your career
here? I think in my sophomore season we were the first OLLU volleyball team to go to nationals and we made it past the opening round and made it to the final fight. That was just my favorite
memory of being on this team. Natalie you broke the record for most aces in a
season by a Saints player with 63 in 2017 and the most aces in a match with seven
this season. What have your preparations been like for your senior year and what
do you think you’ve improved on the most? I think my preparations for my senior year has been controlling my body and getting in season. I think that we worked on our team the
most about like bonding on the court and really understanding how everybody
works besides you and helping one another. This question is for both of
you, what are some of the highlights of your volleyball career here at OLLU? I
would say to back Rivera when I first came in, that was our year that we
went to nationals that was just like an amazing experience. Obviously ending it, I told her this
game she got the last ace and then I get the last kill, it’s cool to do that with her. I think for mine it was coming in as a freshman and being able to play and
start off the season most freshmen don’t get that opportunity. That kind of
kick-started my career and then having somebody like Fazio come in my sophomore year and just sticking it out with her and going through all the good times and bad times together. What are you guys majoring in and what
are your plans after you graduate? I am a mass communications major and I think my plans are taking a year off to travel and then see where that takes me. I’m currently a double major in sociology and political science, and I’m also taking a year off
but then I’m either going to pursue a master’s in sociology or go to law
school. Thank you guys, congratulations. The
Saints swept Texas College 3-0 today. The Red River Athletic Conference
Tournament will start on Friday here at OLLU and the Saints will compete as the
number three seed. For Sports Information, I’m Ryan

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