OLLU volleyball vs. Texas Lutheran University (9-10-19)

Yeah I was really proud of this one I’m
not gonna lie to you they’re a nice team. They’re a really nice team they’re
really disciplined. Coach Phyllis does a great job with them, you can tell
just by how hard they play. They were getting touches on everything after that
first game and we really had to battle. What I was so proud of was every time we
made a big mistake or we had something go wrong, we responded really well to it. We’ve been talking a lot about how do you respond to things that happen to
you? We didn’t spend a lot of time pouting we just got back after it with
another aggressive play and that’s what I was so happy with tonight. Especially in game three my goodness.
After 20 she had three balls that our senior looked at me and went, “she’s a
freshman?” She put a cut on one and she tipped one really smart and then
went up and banged one, yeah she’s coming along really fast. Her work over
the summer paid off so huge. She’s getting off the floor really easily and
as is becoming a huge weapon for us. Yeah it really came down to serve and
pass. I mean it almost always does that’s coach speak right there but it’s the God’s
honest truth. We didn’t make too many adjustments other than just
understanding what they were doing. They run a lot of intricate crossing plays. We stayed a little bit more disciplined and started talking and
communicating them a little bit better, and that pulled us through.

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